Anna's 3rd birthday portrait - RESHOOT

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Anna's 3rd birthday portrait - RESHOOT

Not sure if you remember, but the first session something was wrong with the flash and the photo quality turned out terrible. In addition, Anna wasn't being very cooperative that day. It was a hassle to re-book and re-shoot, but worth it in the end; she was far more into it, we got three good shots, and the best part was the whole enterprise only cost $20 (second shoot free)!

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She's absolutely adorable!!! You made her dress, too, right? So stinking cute! I love the wings, too!

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love this color on her......super adorable......

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LOVE them!!!

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Great pictures!! I especially like the 3rd one!

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not that anna wasn't cute and totally adorable in the other shoot.......but manoman.........these one's are sooo much better........the last pic is soooooooo perfect!!!!!!!! i love them all!!!!!!! way to go through with the 2nd shoot......with all the work you did on the needed to get these better pics!!!!!!!!! love them!!!!!!!

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Those are BEAUTIFUL! Anna is such a doll.

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Love that smile! She looks like she had so much fun!!!!

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Those are just amazing, look how beautiful she looks!! And that dress is just gorgeous, the wings with it are fabulous! I'm so glad you got a reshoot, like Colleen said the first ones weren't bad in the least, but these are just awesome!!!

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Love these! They turned out great. Biggrin
That dress is so cute, you did good! Wink

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love the pics, love the dress, love that smile.

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Adorable!!! I love the last one too!

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wow karina!!! they came out great....glad you were able to get a redo!!!! TFS

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Those turned out great! She is so beautiful! Third one is my fav but they are all great! TFS!

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Just so so love the colors you picked out

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oh these turned out so beautiful. She's so cute, I love everything about these shots.

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Aw, I'm glad they let you have a reshoot! Now you have two sets of cute pictures, but these are seriously adorable!!

If possible, I think they got cuter and cuter as I scrolled down the page. Smile

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Such a beautiful little girl and I love, love, love the dress!

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These are WONDERFUL. I'm so glad you had a reshoot, I remember how very unhappy you were with the first ones.