Anna's birthday celebrations

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Anna's birthday celebrations

We didn't have a party, we had a special breakfast and evening cake with just family on the actual day, then a brunch with extended family on the weekend.

Here she is on her actual birthday:

Daddy made a cinnamon bun breakfast and we kept the boys home from school to share it (school around here starts at 8 a.m.):

Then Anna opened a present from us - a Huggums doll:

In the evening we followed dinner with this cake - I hope nobody was holding their breath to see it, lol. We had SUCH a hard time icing it that we had to crack open a couple of beers. That Cinderella actually has crossed eyes (I don't think you can tell when it is this small, lol), but Anna didn't seem to care:

On Sunday we had our brunch and Daddy made a more respectable-looking cake (though still nothing fancy). Anna took a huge breath to blow out the candles but still couldn't do it without help, lol:

She got a pink ukelele from her grandparents:

And a pink bicycle from us:

Happy birthday girl with her daddy:

Stay tuned for her photo shoot pics...there are only two, it didn't go so well. :rolleyes: I am seriously thinking of getting a good camera and doing them myself in future, she just freaks out when she is in front of a stranger in the studio.

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awwwww....awesome karina!!!!!! she is so the wings and the tutu!!!!! looks like a great bday....happy bday baby girl!!!!!!!!!!


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE all these pictures.
She is beautiful and so are her clothes, and oh my word...I LOVE those cakes!!! That three cake is great (don't show me the close-up...I won't believe anything else!).

I can't wait to see her other pictures, but C also freaks out at the studio. :rolleyes:

Great pictures!

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Oh Goodness, she is just one perfect little Lady, isn't she?

Very jealous of your hubbies culinary skills. That cinnamon roll looks divine.

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karina........LOVE THE PINK UKELALI (sp?) that is awesome!!! and anna is gonna have lots of fun riding her new bike...... what a great day, 2 cakes and a cinnamon bun......awesome!!!!!!!! her tutu and flower are a.stinkin.dorable!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!! i say you get the good camera.......everything you touch or make is awesome......

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Karina, she's just beautiful! I love both cakes!! The pink ukelele is awesome, love that idea! And those cinnamon rolls....mmmmmmmmm makes me drool just thinking of them! Looks like a wonderful day!!!

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She is so beautiful, Karina! It looks like she had a really great time on her birthday.

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Aww... what a pretty and happy little girl! Both cakes looked yummy!
I love the pictures. Biggrin

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Thanks for sharing! Looks like she had a GREAT time! I think the cakes look great, too!

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OMG she's so big. What a pretty girl. great pics Karina Biggrin

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Looks like a great birthday. She is so pretty, Karina! Love the cross eyed cinderella. LOL! You guys did a great job on her cake.

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What a beautiful girl! Looks like a great birthday! I lve the one with her taking a big breath, that's awesome!

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Love the pictures

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Happy belated birthday Anna!! I think this is the most perfect way to do kids b-days!

PS - Hi! I've missed you! Smile

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Aw, love her hair.. she is so cute.

Great presents. The cakes and rolls look wonderful.

Glad she had a great birthday celebreation!!!!

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i swear i responded to this already....

anyway, what i said before (lol) was, what a happy girl! she poses so well for the camera! maybe she can give noelle some tips. love the cake, too! AND the cinnamon roll. Biggrin

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Great pics! What a great bday! She looks so big!

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Looks like an awesome birthday!! I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who only had a family party. Smile

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OMG... She's so cute!
What a great birthday...