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Does anyone have any experience with anxiety? Not just being stressed/panic/etc but experiencing physical symptoms or pain b/c of it? If so, would you be willing to share with me? Or at least what worked for you? THanks

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i have mild anxiety due to my thyroid pills......

but my brother has had severe anxiety/depression over the last couple of years came to the point he was at the doctors weekly with different ailments and i finally sent him a youtube vid of a comercial for cymbalta, and it is all about how depression he FINALLY mentioned it to the doc........

he instantly was put on high doses of xanax to stop the tight chest feeling he had been having for months......then he slowly weaned down and is now on celexa and buspar, and xanax as needed.....

seriously within a week.....he was starting to feel better, after 2 weeks, i could hear a HUGE difference in his voice, and now he's 2 months out, and hasn't taken xanax in a couple weeks.....and is finally back to actually enjoying stuff......

i don't know if this is what you were looking for.....but my brother was really, really bad........he was in a really bad place.......and anxiety was a HUGE, huge issue.....from constant aches and pains, to ringing in his ears, to full blown vertigo, to headaches that were never ending, to puking from severe anxiety attacks.........i mean it was awful to listen to .....he lives 3000 miles away, and owns 2 businesses and has our other brother and wife living with him .........chit hit the fan beginning of sept for him, but it had been escalating for well over a year......

ETA:......his blood pressure and diabetes had been all over the place for the last year the doc had been playing and trying to adjust those meds thinking that was part of his that he has his anxiety and depression starting to simmer has his blood pressure and sugar levels.....they are still a little wonky.....but getting better!!!!!!

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I've had anxiety off and on for years since my early 20's. Some times are more severe than driving and crying because I'm convinced an oncoming car is going to crash into me, or someone will rear end me and I'll go off a ravine, or watching Dh drive off to work knowing that was the last time I'd ever see his truck round the corner. And others less severe like just a hanging feeling of doom, waiting for something bad to happen, every time the phone rings it's because someone has died, etc. I've taken all the SSRI's, Paxil, Lexapro, Prozac, etc. Wellbutrin as well, but I hated Xanax, although it's the one that really works well for specifically anxiety. The only thing with the SSRI's is that they can take up to 2 weeks to work, so a lot of waiting is involved. If it's severe Xanax is really something that can immediately help. There is a definite difference between just being worried and the anxiety affecting other areas of your life....nowadays talking to a PCP is all it takes to get a prescription to help alleviate things. I do get physical issues from it, mostly just intense back pain between the shoulders because my muscles are so tight, my jaw can hurt because I clench it, and I've done a number on my teeth from the grinding. Also the night terrors I regularly have get a lot more frequent and worse in intensity.

I hope you can get some help, and that it's just a temporary thing. :bigarmhug:

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I dont have first hand experience, but my DH has general and social anxiety disorder. As far as physical symptoms, he gets nausea/vomiting but never complains of pain.

Im sorry you are suffering with anxiety. Watching my DH struggle when it was really bad was pretty terrible. If I can help, please just ask or let me know!

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I have anxiety. I don't experience alot of pain with it, once in a while I will feel pains when I am anxious about something. For instance, I was at the gym a couple weeks ago and my anxiety was high before I started working out. I'm not sure what triggers it, I think it's gets higher when I'm pmsing..
Anyway, I get shortness of breath etc..and during this particular episode I measured my heart rate while I was on the elliptical and it was 157. As soon as I saw that number I got this intense back pain, total tightness. I kinda freaked, so I got off the machine and left a few min later. I thought I was having a heart attack.
Normally I don't have pains associated with my anxiety, but it can happen.
I take Lexapro and I don't think I could live without it right now.

:bigarmhug: Anxiety sucks!

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Sometimes I think there might be an anxiety gene, and I think a lot of people have it! Just about everyone in my immediate family takes or has taken some kind of med to help with depression and/or anxiety. I have never gone that route, but I'm just anti-meds (for myself). Anxiety has always been a bit of a struggle for me, but it was extremely amplified after the twins were born. I fought panic attacks and general uneasiness for most of their first year, and it still doesn't take much to set me off. Really hoping it will improve once I stop nursing them...

Physically, probably my biggest symptom is my intestines. When my DH was first diagnosed with colitis, I read as much as I could to learn about it, and came across a discussion about the mind/gut relationship. It was really interesting. If I'm worried about something or (almost worse) feeling a vague uneasiness that I can't identify the root of, everything starts working in overtime in that department. Also increased heart rate and fidgity-ness, but those aren't exactly painful, per se.

Since it's not been my desire to treat this with meds, I mostly cope with it through prayer and meditation and 'reasoning' with myself. I have a LOT to say about prayer and trying to cope with anxiety from a religious standpoint, but I'll keep it to myself unless you PM me. Biggrin I have compiled pretty much everything the Bible has to say about fear/anxiety, along with helpful quotes from hymns and theologians and other sources. I'm happy to share it with anyone.

Ironically, I was just reading tonight about some study that they did showing the marked decrease of the physical symptoms of anxiety by simply spending 20 minutes a day breathing deeply - about 5 breaths a minute, i think. Although that sounds a bit low to me. And for me, the idea of having to wait to take a breath makes me feel panicky! LOL Probably not the best idea for someone like me. Wink But I think the idea is that breathing deeply helps the body relax and if the body can relax, it will tell the brain to also relax. Or something like that. I can dig it all up again if you want.

:bigarmhug: I hope you can find relief soon.

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Thanks everyone. I will update more when I have a little more time and in a little better place.

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I was diagnosed a long time ago, with Anxiety and panic disorder. My panic attacks were very scary, I thought I was having acid flashbacks or something, I can't even explain what I saw. all this turned into depression as I became agoraphobic over it and wouldn't leave the house, I even dropped out of school for a while (thank goodness my mom and teachers worked with me so I wouln't lose the year)

I'm sorry this is something you're dealing with, it's scary and the physical effects of depression, panic, anxiety are very real. I always hated when someone would say to me "it's all in your head. :bighug: