Anybody have one of these?

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Anybody have one of these?

The leap frog fridge magnets.. I'm considering getting one for Belle and Ben.

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We have that one! The kids love it.

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we have a similiar one, and it gets a LOT of use.....

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we have a couple. Aidan is over them, but William loves it. Sometimes I see Aidan playing with it. He loved them when he was about Ben's age!

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Lucas has the airplane one with all the letters. He still sometimes plays with the airplane and letters but mostly just the letters.

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We have it. It's on the fridge near the back door so it sees a fair amount of use as we're getting ready to leave the house. He'll switch a letter and push a button before he puts his jacket on or something like that.

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We have one. He still loves it. We bought the lower case expansion letters for it as well. Def a great item!

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We have one. Gweny loves it and JD is starting to play with it too. Just a warning, the song about the noise each letter makes will get stuck in your head....

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We have some of those too. Jayden isn't really into it anymore, but my dh likes them. LOL

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We have one that is similar. It doesn't get used that much though.