Article about Water Saftey for Summer

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Article about Water Saftey for Summer

A friend of mine posted this on FB and I thought it was good enough to share. Especially since I know a lot of us will be around water this summer.

The most important part is the last line: And parents – children playing in the water make noise. When they get quiet, you get to them and find out why.

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Good article. The thing that always gets me is sad stories of children drowning with adults all around them. Last year I mentioned how an 18 month old girl drowned at one of the public pools here, and this pool is JAMMED with people.

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Thank you!!!! I forwarded this to DH.

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I shared this on my FB. thank you

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great reminder!!!!!!!! thanks!!!!!

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GREAT article! I used to teach swimming lessons at the public pool when I was in HS so I had to go through classes on how to save a drowning person but never once did they tell us/show us what drowning "looked liked."

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-Em, my DH just replied to me about this article. He was very appreciative of it. Said he would have never realized what drowning/water distress really looked like.

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Yall, this gave me chills to read last night.

I have had a moment of "aquatic distress" before and it is really scary and sad to think of what would have happened if my dad hadn't been right beside me. It is EXACTLY like the author described with the vocal chords behing frozen and unable to yell. It is a horrible feeling.

I have been in water all of life and am (or used to be (pre baby!)) a strong swimmer, but got very disoriented when I fell off a raft at the lake.

Thanks for the reminder to keep a very close eye on all of our loved ones in the water this summer.

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very interesting article, thanks so much for posting. we've already decided it's just too risky to bring our 3 to the pool this summer. Sad maybe if i can talk a friend into coming so we can be one-on-one, but it's just not worth the risk otherwise...

i wonder how many lifeguards are aware of these signs of someone drowning? i always thought the 'hollywood' image was accurate.

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Thank you for sharing this! That is great information and something I never really thought about. Great reminders!!