Baby shower

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Baby shower

Hi all, my BFF adopted a little boy on Sunday. He is 2.5 years old. I am going to throw her a "welcome" baby shower for Justin. Do you think this will go over okay with others? Her daughter is 4...they were unable to have any more bio children and eventually decided to adopt. I am thinking low key, more of a chance to meet him, show support for Jen, etc. Small gifts, maybe books? Anyone have any suggestions?


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I think it is a great idea.

With an older child though, I would check with her before doing so. If he has any problems adjusting it might be hard for him to be around large crowds or something. So I would get the ok from mom.

I would call it something like a welcome party or something, too. Does she actually need stuff for him? A book shower would be good, or boy toys or something if she has an older girl. I'm sure if you googled or checked pinterist you'd find ideas better than I could come up with.

I'm sure it would mean a lot to your friend to have her adopted son accepted by family and friends.

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ITA with everything Emily suggested!!

Very nice of you to want to do that for your friend!

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Yep, I think a welcome Justin shower is a fabulous idea. Of course, I'm lame when it comes to party themes etc, so no help with that. Wink