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Hey girls...I am in thankful for my iPad!! My laptop has no internet and I've been busy all day today.

Soooooooooo nice to lay here and catch up with y'all!

Mel, thanks for the laugh!!! Smile

Paula, ((hugs)) ... I have to say that one of the best things about my diagnosis has been re-evaluating my time with the kids. They still get to me sometimes, but I trynto just take it all in.

RUTH - you should totally do a little music class!! You could advertise at other local churches or at the pediatrician's office. But sorry Noelle is being like that. We exhausted all of our normal disciplining means with Cadence and they weren't working. We fi ally sat her down and told her if she wanted to do big girl things like gymnastics and preschool, then she needed to act like a big girl. That reminder helps sometimes. Most recently though, we took all of her baby dolls away for a day. Kind of weird, because she doesn't PLAY with them everyday, but they are ALWAYS right ther, in her bed. Etc...well, she did not like that one bit!!!

For us, she is good about 90-95% of the is the other times that are so incredibly frustrating!

Oh dear, wish I had multi quoted!

Karrie, can't wait to see mikayla video!

And Emily, remind me what has you tied up these days? School? I hope miles isn't sick!

Colleen, I know I am gonna a sk you for the link to that stuff again when I am at my amazon ordering computer!!

Hey peg and julie!

Kristi, girl...I wishnyou had a break!!! Sorry about the pyrex. That stuff shatters into a million pieces!

Karina, hope you are feeling better. And you accomplished more yesterday than I do in a week!

Well, this post has taken me FORever and I can't remember anymore. Maybe I can pop on here tomorrow for a bit.


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