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:bighug: LOVE you girl!!!!

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Hugs Candace

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I just spent Everly's entire nap making a calendars on Shutterfly.. What a task.

wiping- Owen comes home with less than clean bum from school.. he is gettign better but usually he says to me "momma my bummie is tickly" which is code for there is still poop on me .. yay me

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Wiping, we help with poop, Alicia handles pee. It is hit or miss. I know that come next fall she will have to handle it, so we're working on that. DJ, we help wipe poop...he is totally at a loss as to what to do with toilet paper, lol.


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Mel, N has trouble dressing herself, too. She's only just now able to get her panties and pants on if i lay them out for her. Shirts are still impossible. How is everyone else in this department?

"shefrn1" wrote:

can i just say that i am in love

with the new photobook editing on shutterfly!!!! it's much beter than snapfish IMO!!!!!! just made a book for steve with our disney pics in's for the whole family....something to put under the tree!!!

Awesome!!! those things can be so time-consuming, but i love the final products!!

forgot to tell you guys about the other nght. so Micah has been sleeping AWFUL. He was up at least 3 times last night and it was hard to get him back to sleep each time. Anyway, i was supposed to go grocery shopping Sunday night after the kids were in bed, but M had other plans. So Monday night, DH took N up to bed and I heard him start to wake up and I booked it to the store before I got sucked into staying home - we really needed groceries! DH told me that he took Micah out and gave him some milk and when he put him back in his crib, Micah started crying and Noelle said, "Quick, Daddy, turn the mobile on!" And then she proceeded to talk to Micah and he eventually calmed down and went to sleep. So sweet. I would love to know what she said. It could have just been the soothing constant sound of her talking, since Lord knows she does it Smile

Holy cow. One of my students just cancelled, so I'm going to be free from 4:15pm until 5:30pm. :eek: I'm going to Panera and will do our budget and maybe get a bagel. In peace and quiet. I can't remember the last time that happened. A whole hour and 15 minutes to myself!!! BiggrinBiggrinBiggrin Stupid that I have to do the budget, but at least I can do it while I'm thinking clearly and not the usual bleary-eyed late at night time.

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Yay for some free time and a bagel, Ruth!

And that is really sweet about Noelle soothing Micah. :biglove:

As for dressing, Anna has been able to dress herself for a while now, she can even do up the zipper on her jacket. But Theo is nearly two years older and won't even try his zipper. They are just all different.


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