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Julie, and I love YOUR new siggy! Colby and Daphne look so much alike. Mmmmm waffle cone ice cream sounds yummy! DH is coming home at the end of August. Hopefully they do not push that date back a third time.

Colleen, holy crap an hour of rowing?? :bowing: and that is all I have to say about that Smile

Kerri, you have got quite the collection too!

Kat, how is Sophia doing with the PT today?

I get the meanest mother of the year award today..... Gweny has been TERRIBLE lately. Fit throwing, talking back, yelling at me, telling me no, not listening, laughing at me when I put her in time out or take toys away from her....and the list goes on and on and on. Finally today I snapped and completely lost it. I went and got her my little ponies and I made her throw them in the trash can Sad She was so upset. I have never seen her that sad before and it wasn't a fit throwing cry she was doing, she was really hurt. I made sure to put some plastic bags in the trash can before I made her throw them away so I could take them out of the trash. After letting her cry it out for a good bit I did give them back to her and she was the most grateful I have ever seen her! She has been good as gold since so I guess I got my point across, but manoman I really do feel bad and I hope I didn't traumatize her or anything Sad

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Julie- Sofia did really well on her first flight. At first she.wanted to sit on my lap, but I convinced her to sit on her seat. They didnt complain about their ears at all. I brought the DS and the LeapPad and they were good as gold.

Emily- hit and miss today. She held it for a while but peed at Mil's. Came home and peed onbthe potty again. Then she peed and pooped in a diaper. Then peed on the potty. Finally sat her before bed and nothing. I hope she holds it over night, but she usually does. I think what you did is not at all terrible. It is hard to watch our kids heart's be broken but you let her know there are consequences to her actions.

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ugh..allergies. Claritin does NOTHING for my allergies. In fact, Zyrtec knocks me out, but doesn't really help. Allegra used to help, but then stopped. The only thing that did help when I had allergies in full force (thank you Grace) was Clarinex combined with Singular and some nasal spray and eye drops. I think the effects of each drug really depends on the person.


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