Ben's first Birthday Cake (lots o pics)

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Ben's first Birthday Cake (lots o pics)

Here are pics from tonight of Ben and his first piece of birthday cake. I think he enjoyed it!

All pics taken can be seen at:

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Yum!!! Looks like he enjoyed cake!

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how stinkin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG...........loved all the pics........your kids are just sooo cute!!!!!!!!!! tfs!!!!!!! and how fun is it to turn one and eat cake !!!!!!!!!!!

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ROFL That was a huge hit!!! How stinking much fun was that????

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I think I'm in love!!! He is soooo cute!! I love how he's holding the cake up too haha. Those made me smile. TFS.

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Look at that little baby chub!! So cute! Happy Birthday, Ben! :party:

Hope you enjoyed your cake, cutie! :cake:

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At first it looks like he wasnt so sure about the cake and love the photos when he was shoving it in......

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Sooooo cute! Looks like he loved it! Happy 1 Ben!!

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great pics!!!!!.....looks like he loved it!!! happy bday buddy!!!!

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I think he liked it. Doh! Makes me want cake...

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Love it!!

He's quite a happy boy there at the end!!

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Yummy cake! Did he love it or what?! He's a cutie!

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Those are great pics! I love the one where he's holding it up above his head! TFS!

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Oh my goodness he is so cute! Looks like he really enjoyed his cake!