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What's the best thing that's happened to you this week?

We ask Pax this every night, it's a nice way to focus on the positive, thought it would be fun to try here! Smile

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Oh, great question! I love the focus on the positive, too. Biggrin

Well, it is only Wednesday.... but several books that I placed a hold on at the library came in and I picked them up last night. A few books by Charlotte Mason and a few about doing Montessori at home and a few novels... I'm a very happy girl right now! I love reading and wish I had more time to do it.

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Hmmm, my husband feels fantastic, I'd say that is the best. My several pkgs of Matilda Jane that arrived is a close second. The check to pay off the loan we held on my dad's house is coming via FedEx today, guess that should have been second, but it's not. LOL

That is a great question to ask every night. I'm going to steal this and incorporate it into our bedtime chat.

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Actually, we have Pax do the worst thing followed by two bests. I like to keep the focus on the positive, but it's also nice to give him a chance to talk about anything that might be bothering him. Smile Then mommy and daddy each just do one best. Smile

Best this week for me? I would say all the extra cuddle time I've had with the kids. I hate for them to be sick, but it's nice to have them sit still for a little while. Finding out the gender of baby #3 would have to be right up there too, although that was last week. Smile

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So far, knowing that Alicia loves her new preschool so much that she threw a fit when it was time to leave today. Today was her first day solo.


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wow, what a great idea for a bedtime routine! Love it...stealing it Biggrin

You know, you've totally made me realize that I need to change my attitude when I had to really sit here and think about something great that has happened this week. How awful is that?? Apparently, mommy needs an attitude adjustment after just a few days with a cold.

The best thing that has happened to me is a bunch of my old friends from our group in HS is getting together in a few weeks to go to a concert - we all just finalized the plans and everyone is so excited. It's some long overdue "together" time and I can't wait...even if it is a school night Wink

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Ok, normally I am more positive, but you picked a sick week, lol.

Miles isn't sick anymore so that's good. And we booked our disney trip (only 62 days)!!

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Hmmm- got a box of boy baby clothes from my cousin tonight! Got my birthday gift from my sis 2 nights ago (though it's unopened)....

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The best thing about my week is that dh and I had a "talk" that really cleared the air between us. Things had been very tense around here, but now we are both making a bigger effort to be kind to one another and things are almost back to normal. I didn't realize how much distance we had between us.

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Great idea for bedtime! We do favorite part of our day at dinner time, but I like the best and worst at bedtime too.
I'd say my best part has been that I feel like I have a good work/family balance going on right now, I have struggled with it since I work at home and it all gets blurred. Second, Nicholas is back the wonderful child that he used to be. I don't know what happened, but the attitude switch flipped and he is sweet and helpful and a good listener. Don't want to jinx it, but it has been awesome!

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Jaxon's best last night was the monster I drew on his chalkboard. LOL Boys!!!!

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best: Owen told me I am pretty

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I have tried to do high and lows with the kids at dinner time. It gets real interesting! Wink
I really like the best idea.
I just asked Jayden what his best was & he said "this" - he was playing with his brother. Biggrin

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I tried this at bedtime with Tyler last night. I asked him what the worst part of his day was and he said, when I hurt Lana three times (he had gotten yelled at for playing with her too rough and making her cry. The last time I told him, he had done it 3x and he wasn't allowed to play with her for the rest of the night.) Then I asked him what the best part was. He said, do you know? I said - it's up to you to decide. What was the favorite part of your day? He said, tell me. (He wanted me to give him choices). Even when I listed some possibilities, he kept telling me he didn't know. It occured to me that he thinks there is a right and wrong answer!! Sad His "worst" was something that I had just gotten done talking to him about less than an hour before. So he just told me what he thought was the right answer. With the best, you could tell he was trying to figure out, which one of those is right?!

He's a pretty independent thinker for the most part...maybe it's because we're new to this "routine"?

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My dad surprised us and came to visit on Thursday. C loves spending time with Grandpa!

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By far the best part of my week was on Wednesday. The kids and I got to have a video tele-conference with DH. Since he is not one to take pictures of himself to send to us, it was the first time we had seen him since December 7th Smile

I need to focus on the positive more....I have been quite the Negative Nancy here lately.

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When the kids get home from school i try to ask them how their day went and then we talk about it if it was really good or really bad....

I know I need an attitude adjustment lately. It is hard trying to watch your back all the time......and with Wyatts having a bad attitude yesterday, I am really grasping here.

I sold some cattle this week...made $600 on one and will get the sale barn check this next week....that is pretty big with the market being down.

The boys are better from their sickness.