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birthday party

You'd think I was a first time parent with all my questions. Good grief!

Anyway, Delaney has a birthday party tomorrow afternoon. It's her first bday party to be invited to that isn't a family friend. Do you stay or drop off?

I know the family well enough, otherwise I would for sure stay. And Delaney is not apprehensive about being left. I'll probably play it by ear when we get there. I'll be prepared to stay and just feel it out. Just wondered what you usually do.

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I've always stayed.

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At their age I would stay. I didn't feel comfortable leaving my kids at parties until they were much older.

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Yea, at this age I would stay.

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lucy has her 1st birthday party tomorrow too.....and i will stay.

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Same here, I've always stayed.

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Yep, I've always stayed too.

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I stay if they're under five, and once they are five I stay if they want me to.

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I'd stay, not sure when I'd feel comfortable leaving them, but I'd stay for sure right now. At my BFF's son's 5th birthday party last month they invited kids from his preschool class for the first time and one of the little girls was just dropped off and I couldn't believe it, especially since my BFF had never met this little girl or her mom before and then the little girl got hurt on the waterslide. I felt horrible for her, hurt and with mom no where around, just all these strangers Sad