Birthday Party and Disney Trips 1 and 2 (WAY pic heavy)

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Birthday Party and Disney Trips 1 and 2 (WAY pic heavy)

Some of you may have seen some of the Disney pics on facebook, but I just finally downloaded Disney trip 2 and Nicholas's birthday party from last Saturday and then to deal with photobucket too, sheesh!
Anyway, we did the pirate party I was talking about in the party thred. It turned out awesome and the kids had a TON of fun! We had 22 kids here plus their parents, 20 of the 22 were 4 and under, but it went so smoothly you never would ahve known, I think they were all so busy they didn't have time to act up Wink
This is the outfit that each child had. I made the vests out of black felt, Nicholas had a "special" hat and the other kids had some I ordered online, the eye patches came from Target. This is my niece, hence the family resemblence.

These are the treasure chest cupcakes that I made, it is a Swiss cake roll on top with extra icing piped in and little candies for the "jewels"

When the kids got to our house first they were geared up in their pirate atire (although some were feeling a bit unsure about the pirate stuff, so they just held onto it at first, most of them had it on by the end though)
There was pin the treasure chest on the map

They made telescopes with little stick on jewels (and there was a coloring station too with pirate themed coloring sheets)

Digging for buried treasure in the sandbox and walking the plank, which I didn't get any good pictures of that didn't include someone else's child that they may not want pictures of online Wink

Then they had lunch, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets, veggie straws and fruit

Followed by cake

Then lots of presents
Then finally the treasure hunt. I did clues on different color felt (I was afraid paper would blow away outside). Each color clue led them to another color and the final one told them to make a rainbow with all the clues and then they had to find a rainbow. The rainbow was on a chest that I borrowed from my mom and had all of their goody bags in it. The goody bags had gold dubloons, fake jewels, some silver or gold beads and a couple pieces of chocolate in shiny wrappers (keeping with the treasure theme).
The first clue in the front yard...

The treasure box after it was opened

Checking out their "loot"

Nicholas with his favorite treasure, the candy

And a few Disney pics...
William on Dumbo

Nicholas with Woody and Jessie

Nicholas making "snow angels" in the foam snow at the Nick Hotel, it's as close as we get around here Wink

Nicholas and DH with Diego

Me and William waiting for the shuttle back to the hotel


Meeting Mickey and Minnie!

watching one of the street parades on Daddy's shoulders

breakfast with Dora

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OMG what an awesome mom you are -what a cool party! Biggrin
The cupcakes looked great! I love your party theme and creativity! Biggrin
Great pictures, cute cute cute!!

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Love the party pics!! Awesome party!!

Looks like the boys had fun at Disney, too!


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wow.........that party looked like fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!! awesome, awesome job brandi!!!!!!!!!
and ya can't go wrong with disney!!!!!!!! great pics girl!!!!!! your boys are just sooo adorable......and look soo much them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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wow...awesome party.....i bet they loved it!!!

and tfs disney pics (i'm so excited)....I see william did alright on dumbo sitting by himeslef (didn't look like he was on anyone's lap) that's awesome.....I just figured ty would sit on my lap...but he'll love sitting by himself...wooooo hooooo


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You did a great job for the birthday party!!!! I am not that organized! The "treasure chest" cupcakes were adorable!!!!!! And yes, that family resemblance is strong. So cute. :bigsmile:

LOVE the Disney pics! I was wondering if Dora and Diego were at Disney. I laughed at the snow angel picture. So fun!

You look great! TFS Smile

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What a great party! And I agree, your boys look sooo much alike - gorgeous blondes both!

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What an awesome party!!!!!!!!!!!!! And love the Disney pics! what a great birthday!!!! TFS!!!!

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What a fun party!!!! The boys do look very similar - love the blonde hair!!!

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You are an awesome party planner. Great Party pics and all the fun stuff.

Disney looks so much fun too. TFS.

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Thanks Ladies!
The party was a blast! It was lots of work to get it together, but on the day of it went off so smoothly, it helps that there is so much to do for a pirate party so next year I am going to have some pretty high expectations to live up to!

William did great in Dumbo, I was in there with him, but he just sat next to me on the inside and DH rode with Nicholas in a different one. He LOVED it and looks at the pictures now and says "Dumb" I think it was his fave ride Smile

Dora and Diego weren't at Disney, they were at the Nickelodeon Hotel, we stayed there for our first trip and the kids LOVED it. The reviews online aren't great, but we got a good rate so we decided to give it a try, I have a friend who stays there with her family every time they're in Orlando, it wasn't fancy by any means, but clean and the kids loved it. We'll stay there again when it's warmer so they can do the water stuff too.