Birthday treats for classmates?

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Birthday treats for classmates?

For those of you that have kids in a daycare or preschool setting, are you sending anything with them to school for their birthday?

Ali, I saw the yummy cupcakes you make for Jayden's class, those were fabulous! I like that idea, but just not sure I would be able to pull it off, lol, and still thinking about that one.

I know we are allowed to send a "small treat", just not good at thinking of things, not creative at all. We've got lots of creative and thoughtful types here, I'd appreciate some help!

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I did mini cupcakes for Tyler's bday. They are the perfect size and then the teachers aren't dealing with crazy sugar overload from too much frosting. Biggrin

I wasn't sure what the rules were regarding homemade treats, so I took in store bought.

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i would ask the teacher........before you brainstorm and find the perfect thing, only to be shot is ridiculous for public school scenarios up here......(when my kids were in private though.....the sky was the limit......there were no peanut allergies in either of their classes.....) if the teacher wants to have a party, permission slips have to go home to parents telling them exactly what food will be consumed at said party........and you have to sign and return to participate.......and no homemade, or store baked goods!!!!!!!!! only chips, veggie/fruit platters, and juices are usually allowed now a days!!!!!!

but........if the sky is the limit......

i made these one year and instead of the plastic bird......i used peeps!!!!!LOL!!!

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I am thinking dirt cups! not sure about gummy worms in pre-school so I need to think of a the peel twizzlers or something

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Wow, aren't I mom of the year. Jax b-day is Wednesday and also his last day at his private PS. Sad Guess I should probably ask on Monday if he can bring a treat. :eek:

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"PaulaJoFSU" wrote:

I am thinking dirt cups! not sure about gummy worms in pre-school so I need to think of a the peel twizzlers or something

Ok, call me a dunce. What's wrong with gummy worms????

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Probably just a choking hazard for little littles. And at this young if an age, I wouldn't even worry about NOT doing something!!

Colleen I love those links!

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I think it is just the food regulations at accredited centers?! I have to ask if they are ok, and then if not think of a replacement. Just more strict food guidelines ...don't want to have them and then they can' i guess.

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If you're feeling lazy, i think you can buy those mini cupcakes at Shoprite or any grocery store. I said Shoprite though b/c it tends to have good baked items. They are pretty cheap too!

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I'm cheap. And lazy. I'd probably skip it this year. Smile
Actually, you're doing Mickey this year, right?

I never got around to it, but I was going to buy a Mickey candy mold and just use the wilton candy melts to make a little lollipop and tie with a ribbon. If you have a Michael's near you, you could see if they have the molds in stock and that would be relatively cheap and easy.

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For DS's class, I made little brownies with caramel or chocoalte filling with a little dab of frosting. I think they were Betty Crocker, came with the pans, which you throw away, and I added a little dab of frosting. The teacher liked them since cake seems to get everywhere and they only lick the frosting off anyways.

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A couple other ideas:

  • Rice Krispie treats (MMm, . with fruity pebbles)
  • Fruit kabobs
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I am lazy...I so wanted to just buy some mini cupcakes or frosted cookies, but my daughter loves to bake and she really wanted to "help" me with this little project.
I am so surprised that they turned out so well and looked so good. They actually tasted good too!
Can't wait to see/hear what you decide to bring. Biggrin

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What about chocolate chip cookies? B does not really like cake (very picky eater....) so I always bring cookies for his b-days and the teachers seem to like them because they don't make a mess. Or maybe oatmeal raisen cookies if you want a little healthier option Wink

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Landon decided on mini-cupcakes instead! Whatever the birthday boy wants lol Smile

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Well his silly school still hasn't gotten back to me on their "official" rules on bringing food in...I don't think they mind home food, they have potluck junk there all the time. Time is running out, I'd have to bring something in on Thursday....JP, I think I might use the rice krispie treats idea, and try to shape them into little Mickey Mouse heads...I'm sure it'll look totally ghetto, but the kids will love the sugar, lol!! Oh, and using your idea for pops Candace, and shove a popsicle stick in it, lol!

Thanks for all the cool ideas, I CANNOT believe our kids are already 3 or are soon to be 3! WAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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rice crispy treats would be so easy......and what kid doesnt like them?

sounds like a good plan!!!!!!

the school sounds like they are on top of things!!!

take photos if you shape into MM heads or ears.......would love to see!!!!

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Our school allows for outside food but you have to let them know in advance. Since this week they are closed for spring break, I have to tell them on Monday morning that I'll be sending something on Tuesday. I too am thinking mini cupcakes.

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