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I suck at getting a Happy birthday wish to all our blossoms ... Since this is Blossom Birthday time I made a card to cover everyone!!

I can't believe we have 3 year olds... I can't believe we all been together for over 3 years. That's crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Birthday little blossoms!

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awww that's so cute.

I think it's amazing that over 3 years later and we're still going strong :biglove:

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thanks kirsteen, harrison and siena!!!!!!!!!
happy birthday to harrison, too..
and it doesnt' seem like it's been 3 years!!!!!
when's that darn cruise we used to talk about????

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What a cute card! Biggrin

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What a fun card!! Three years - wow, where did the time go?

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Cute idea and cute card!!! I'm bad at the birthday wishes too. It is pretty amazing how long this board has been going strong....I don't see any other BBs that have half as much activity as ours!

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Awww, lol!!! (can I sign that card, too?) haha

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LOVE the card!!!!!!!

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Thank you, Kirsteen. It is hard to believe it has been over three years since we all "met" - I'm with Colleen, I'm saving up for that cruise!!!

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I love it!!! You're the best K!! Smile