A bit late.. Picture Friday /Monday :)

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A bit late.. Picture Friday /Monday :)

uploading mine now!

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Went to a kiddie amusement park

Went to USS Hornet aircraft carrier my favorite pic of the day

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Those are SO good, Kelly! Love E on the little ride and O in front of the flag is pretty awesome. Also, great family pic. Your kids will love having those.

No pics of me, but tons of the kids, as usual! Nothing special, just snapshots...

I rolled C's hair Sat night in those pink sponge roller things. They were all out of her hair when she got up the next morning - not sure when she pulled them out, but there was a littttttttttle bit of curl there! Maybe I should have named her Abby or Abigail if I wanted her to have curls?! Wink

Ella is always SO dramatic:

And Wade is always so pensive:

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once again ...you guys take awesome pictures!!!!!!

everly on the ride ..looks like she's having a blast...and the pic of owen and the flad...awesome

candace....LOVE the feet picture....sweet

here's a mish mosh ....all from my phone

took the kids to the local free zoo last week

lunch at the zoo

some friends decided to try to join us for lunch

kids night at Texas Roadhouse

don't get any ideas....that's just batman's belt...the balloon guy was a little embarassed while he was making it LOL

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Kelly, LOVE the aircraft carrier pics Smile

Candace, you take such great pictures! You always capture their expressions perfectly. Your kids are so adorable!

Peg, great zoo pics! I really like the one of Alyssa and Tyler in the chairs. Lol at Batman's belt.

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Loved them all!! Great pics!!

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Fascination with the animals at African Lion Safari:

To give you an idea of the set up : you are in the car, the animals roam:

DJ wanted to see a rhino, but was afraid the lion would eat him

The ostrich trying to "eat the bugs" on my car.

Should have some good ones next week - wedding pics!


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