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just wanted to say the OMG...your boys are gorgeous.....LOVE your new siggy (atleast i think it's it's been up for a while please forgive me)

that blonde hair with those eyes......beautiful!!!!!!

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totally gonna 2nd what peg said..........your boys are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I'm thirding the first 2. LOL

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I was totally going to say the same thing, they're sooooo adorable

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I was gonna comment on your siggy pic too. You have beautiful little men! Biggrin

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YES, they are adorable! :bigsmile:

Love their matching pjs and it looks like they already have a little sun tan! Gorgeous boys!

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ITA! Such cute boys!!!

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I agree! What a couple of cuties!

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Thanks ladies! I do have to say I think they're pretty cute myself! And they are starting to get a bit tan despite the 30 sunblock they sport every day, but I think the green shows it off even more Smile

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They are very handsome little boys!!