Change in head shape at 3.5 years?

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Change in head shape at 3.5 years?

Hey ladies,
We gave Owen a buzz tonight and noticed that he has a " lump" or "raised" spot near the front if his head on top.
Preface - Owen has a large head( off the charts) and it's not symmetrical our current pediatrician looked at his chart and said something happened at around 9 months old that made his chart spike she would have ordered xray ASAP. But that his head has hardened and nothing to do about it really. ( we still have a hard time forgiving ourselves for not finding a new pedi sooner)

Anyways we can't decide if this really is new or just maybe we notice it more due to his haircut.

Do their heads change much?
Do you think I should have him seen?

Thanks in advance

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Are you able to get a pic of it?

I don't know much about this, but I do know that their second soft spot is completely closed by the time they're two. Their skulls basically harden and become 'fixed' by 12 months - at least, that's what we were told when we were looking into the possibility of a helmet for Brian.

Sorry, that's not very helpful...

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I'm wondering if it was always there and just more noticeable with the new hair cut? Don't even beat yourself up about the pediatrician, it sounds like maybe his head wasn't perfectly round....what do they think was the thing that happened around 9 months? I know we've talked before about the huge heads, Colby's has only been on the charts at birth up in the 90%, then went right off the chart in hugeness since about 4 months. But you aren't just talking about big, but shape too, but I'm betting the answer might just be some people have odd shapes...but you know if you are concerned, a trip to the pedi wouldn't hurt.

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i know i'm always shocked at all the lumps/bumps when i buzz max and danny's head, i only buzz them maybe twice during the summer......max hates the way his head looks , so that is why he now has a mullet *ROLLS EYES* i'm not a hair stylist by any means......LOL!!!!!!.....but if it's not sitting well with you, a quick appt to just ease your mind is probably worth the copay.....good luck!!!!!!!!!!

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Did the pedi give any indication what could have happened at 9 months with the spike?

Maybe just a call to your pedi rather than going in. Especially since shed alread mentioned something about it? Or, doesn't Everly go soon? Maybe bring it up then?

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((hugs)). Im sorry you are feeling guilty, you cant beat yourself up. You took the advise you were given, and thats the best you can do. Please do feel guilty!!

Head shapes, man oh man I spent plenty of time worrying about Alex's when he was little, but I dont know anything about big boy heads. Hope someone else has advice for you.

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IDK, but I'd probably want it looked at for peace of mind. As any hairdresser will tell you, lumps and bumps and not uncommon. But I would worry too, and getting it checked won't take long.

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I think we have decided that we are overreacting to this... you can't see it.. and my mom and sister didn't see any difference.

Anyway Everly has her 1 yr appt on the 5th so I will bring him with us and have her feel his noggin.

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It's probably nothing, but I think you're smart to get him looked over next time you see the doc.

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I'm sure it's nothing. Like Colleen said, when you buzz the hair off you can see more bumps and lumps.
For peace of mind, I'd do the same thing as you are and I'd show the doc when you see her next.