Check-ups and Birthday Party (pic heavy, xp)

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Check-ups and Birthday Party (pic heavy, xp)

Finally getting a breather to post this here. So I took the girls in last Monday for their check ups. They did great. Alanis even managed to chat with the doctor (she usually clams up with adults she doesn't know well). Leyla got 2 shots and a blood test and took them all like a champ. Here are their stats:

Height: 38.5" (75-90%) I actually think she's the full 39 but she didn't stand up straight
Weight: 31.5lbs (50%)

Height: 30" (75%)
Weight: 19.56 (25%)
Head: 18.75" (97%) :eek:

Last Saturday we did their combined birthday party. We were expecting 70 guests and ended up with 25. Long story. Needless to say, I learned a few lessons this past weekend about family and true friends. Regardless, a fun time was had by all, which is what mattered in the end. Here are some pics of the party, plus I have another in my new sig.

Cheeky Alanis

Her first face painting

Leyla and Daddy


More games

A cute and happy guest

Leyla standing on her own

Watching the magic show

Abwa cadabwa!

Most of the crew:

Us and the clown

The girls with Nana (my mom). She made the cake.

Would have been a cute group shot but they cut Leyla off

Leyla blowing a kiss

Mommy's silly hat. Take that, Princess Eugenie!

Oh yeah, we also baptized Leyla the next day:

One of the craziest months in my life, especially towards the end there. Now all we have to worry about is packing for our vacation in a few weeks. YAY!!!

Thanks for looking.

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Wow, what a party!!!! So sorry you had so many people not show. Sad Your girls are so beautiful, as always, and growing so well!!! That cake is gorgeous! How did the girls do with the clown? Noelle isn't quite sure what she thinks...

Just a tiny bit jealous of your vacation, but I hope you have a blast!! Biggrin

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These are great, Hilda! And you probably had a better time with fewer guests there, anyway! Everything was lovely.

LOVE the baptismal gown...Leyla is precious.

Where is your vacation? Have fun!

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BEAUTIFUL KIDS.. I mean seriously they are just so pretty!

I have your shirt in white Smile

looks like the party was super fun!

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awesome stats and awesome pics hilda!!!! looks like everyone had a great time!!!!!!! TFS

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i was just gonna send you a pm on how beautiful i thought your siggy was...LOL!!!!!!! those are awesome pics and stats.....your girls are so happy and healthy, really that is all that matters!!! sorry you learned life lessons because of kids bday party..people are so strange!!!!!!
your family is so so gorgeous!!! all of ya!!!!!!! your mom did a super job on the cake, too!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing!!! and i see you are heading to the beaches in jamaica!!!!!!!! wooooooohooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!! sounds awesome!!!!!!!! i hope you will post lots of pics after that, too!!!!!!!!! breathe and then have fun on vacation!!!!LOL!!!!!!

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Thanks for sharing. Alanis is BEAUTIFUL with her face painting - you're going to be beating boys off with a stick in a few years!!

Looks like everybody had a great time!

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Wow what a wonderful birthday party! You have two very beautiful little girls!

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Beautiful pictures! The party looks like it was awesome despite having less guests.

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Thanks for the kind words! I knew you'd appreciate that they're growing well, since you've always been there for support as I struggled to get them to gain. We still have food battles but I no longer worry that they won't survive.

One upside to ending up with less guests is not having to worry about running out of food!

We weren't sure about the clown. Alanis had seen one on the streets in Manhattan and was very scared of it. So much so, that for days after that she kept reminding me that "clowns are scary". I actually told the company to come dressed up but with only minimal makeup, but they apparently forgot. When the clown walked in I was afraid it would be a disaster. Alanis did hide in a corner for the first few minutes, but then she was fine. Leyla didn't care either way. She was more afraid of the Woody and Buzz.

We're going to one of the Beaches resorts in Jamaica. We kept seeing the ads for them on PBS. We're familiar with the whole all-inclusive idea since there are many such resorts in the Dominican Republic, but the Beaches ones seemed to cater to those with kids, particularly infants and toddlers. We wanted a beach vacation where we didn't want to have to worry about anything or go anywhere outside the resort. Hopefully it will live up to the hype. I'll be letting you know.

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Fabulous party. You must stop in the BBB and give us the skinny on all the no-shows, sounds like an interesting convo. Wink

Your girls are just beautiful. LOVE the baptismal gown.

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Gorgeous Hilda. I love those girls. oh and NO worries on the growth thing!! Fiona's still not even 16 and a half lbs yet! So Leyla is doing awesome!

Her baptismal gown is beautiful! Is she taking steps yet or just standing alone? Can't believe how grown up our babies are!!

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Hahah maybe I will prance on over to BBB. Lord knows I want to b*tch about it hahaha!

She's mostly just standing alone. She has taken a few steps here and there, but not consistently.

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gotta love when people dont show. glad it turned out okay and the clown didnt freak her out too much.

Great party.

Have a great time on your vaca.....

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What a party!!! Oh my, tour girls are just beautiful!!!! And way to grow young ladies! Oooo have so much fun on your vaca, you deserve it!!!!

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Wow, seventy guests?? That's more than I had at my wedding, lol! (But I come from a small family.)

It still looks like a great party, and your girls are beautiful.

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OMG, Alanis looks so grown up!!! She's beautiful!! Both of your girls are. It looks like it was such a fun party too. Sorry you had so many no-shows though.

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Way to grow girls!!
The party looks like so much fun!! Sorry you had a bunch of no shows, that sucks.
Great pictures! Your girls are gorgeous little ladies. Biggrin

Woohoo and have a great time in Jamaica!!!

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Beautiful pictures!! It looks like the girls had a blast! Smile

SO totally jealous of your trip! We got married at Sandals Ocho Rios and have flirted with the idea of a Beaches vacation. You'll HAVE to let us know how wonderful it is!