Which Children's Movie.......................

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Which Children's Movie.......................

Will make you absolutely die if you have to watch it ONE.MORE.TIME?

Right now, it's Nemo. Kinda bummed about this too. I love Nemo. But Abby is OBSESSED with it and requests it multiple times a day.

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And it is coming out in 3D sooner or later. Right now Cheyenne is not really into watching movies, well that is until her brothers go back to school. Right now she just wants to go play outside and ride her little trike or chase Wyatt around the house.

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Cars. Seriously...they need to pick another favourite movie....gah!

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Disney's old animated Robin Hood or Sword in The Stone. I never liked them, but my kids do. Urgh.

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Toy story 3.

I don't like it anyway so watching it fairly regularly sux. But we mostly watch shows on Netflix these days so we don't get as many repeats.

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Nemo update
Nemo 1 in 3D this september in theaters

Nemo 2 2016 just saw the official pixar notice!

Bambi is not a favorite of mine.. kiddos love it

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Probably Cars 2 I'd have to say - however I am pretty good at blocking out whatever it is I put on the tv for him while I'm cleaning or doing my own thing.

He likes watching movies but I get more sick of the same cartoon shows over and over than I do movies. He gets stuck on a certain episode of Doc McStuffins or Jake and Neverland Pirates and we end up watching the same episode day after day....that makes me want to pull my eye lashes out.

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We have watched Octonauts episode "Elephant Seal" like 30 times on demand UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

We watch a movie almost everyday .. usually at the end of the afternoon when I am about to start dinner and such.
Bugs Life I would think scare them the bugs are mean and scary looking! but nope they love it! Bugs land was his favorite at Disney last year too.. I rode that ride like 30 times Smile