Cute Father's Day Idea

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Cute Father's Day Idea

I know that Father's Day is still a couple months away, but we have to get ours in the mail soon so DH will actually get it by Father's Day. Another wife on DH's ship gave me this idea and I thought it was too cute not to share.

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OMG.............emily.................that is a fantastic idea!!!!!!!!!!! that came out awesome!!!!!!!!!!! absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!! (((((((((HUGS))))))))))'s gotta be hard being so far away from hubby for so ya!!!!!!!!!! your new siggy is precious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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If I get off my fat butt, I'm copying this.

It turned out fantastic. You are smokin hot, lady!!!

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Oh my gosh, I love this! That turned out great!

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LOVE LOVE.. gonna do this too!

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great this

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I LOVE that idea!! TFS!

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that turned out AWESOME!!! and seriously, stop looking so damn good after 3 kids ok??

DH is going to LOVE it.

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Awwww, I love it!!!

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I love this idea. I think I am doing the one everyone did last year with the letters cause I am a slacker and didnt do it then.

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What a cute idea. I am a slacker too.....Mothers and Fathers Day around here just gets a "Happy Fathers Day" and a card....