Cyrus Birthday - UPDATED w/Pics

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Cyrus Birthday - UPDATED w/Pics

I think most of you likely saw these on FB, but just in case . .

It was a great time. The magician was good and I think the kids all had a good time.

Birthday Boy, . and Grandma

Everyone watching the magic show

All the kids get to pet the bunny

Cyrus on Grandma's lap and Rocco chowing and chillin'

Hi mommy friends!
Sorry I’m not around more often, . . “you see the new jobs a hassle and the kids have the flu, but its sure nice talking to you” .. . Wink
Thanks for all the birthday wishes for Cyrus. I’ve decided that turning 3 is the new Quincinera [FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT] At least for us this year, . I have spent an arm and a leg celebrating my sweet, first, adorable, . . temper tantrum throwing, talker backer, needs an attitude adjustment Boy. LOL
I took the day off work to spend his actual birthday with him. Then the next day I brought snacks and gift bags to his school, and this weekend we are having a birthday party at the park, with a Magician, face painter and balloon animal maker.
Lots of planning and shopping and too much sweets, . but its been fun and the party tomorrow should be a good time.
I’ll post some pictures soon.
I hope that you have all had (or getting ready to have) fun celebrating your 3 year olds.
I’ve got more updates on life in general, and will share with you over a cup of coffee and a piece of pie.

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Jp....miss you girl...happy bday lil buddy...I bet you'lll have a blast tomorrow....can't wait to see pics

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Hi JP! :wavehello:

Good to "see" you!

Can't wait to see new pictures of your little guys.

And totally feel you on this birthday party overkill business. :rolleyes: So much fun though, right! Smile

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We had a total over kill party. 41 people showed up... super fun though.

Happy Birthday little Cyrus.

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Happy Birthday Cyrus!! Have a great party, it sounds like it will be awesome!!

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Aw, it sounds like you have a fabulous day planned! I know he's going to have so much fun, can't wait to see the pictures! It's good to see you girl, miss you around here!! Happy Birthday little man!

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We had soooo much fun at the party today! What a great time and thank you so much for inviting us!! Hope you had a happy birthday, Cyrus!

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sooo jealous you guys had a great time

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jp!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are so missed around here!!!!!!! i hope you are gonna have some pics to follow.......i'll be stalking ya on facebook anyways Wink have fun partying like a rock star .........jeez i didn't start celebrating my party for the whole week until i was like college age and drank the whole west coasters really know how to do it up!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!! and emily, so jealous you guys get to hang together!!!! i bet the kids had a blast!!!!!!

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Hi JP! Sounds like Cyrus is one lucky little boy to have you for his momma. Looking forward to more with pics!!

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Hi JP! I saw some of the pics on fb, boy that looks like such a fun party! You're an awesome mommy!
Happy Birthday Cyrus!

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Good to hear from you! Glad Cyrus had a great birthday!

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sounds like an amazing birthday celebration.

So glad to see you pop in and say hello.

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Sounds like a fabulous party!!! Biggrin Happy birthday to Cyrus!