Dance like no one is watching (video)

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Dance like no one is watching (video)

This morning Bill put on a children's CD for Aidan, it's a Fisher Price multicultural music CD, so Bill calls me over to see Aidan, he's dancing in the kitchen by himself lol, I don't know where he picked up these moves but man we were busting a gut, you can see when Aidan noticed me taping him he starts to breakdance LOL. I had to share this one.

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i saw this on facebook but had to come see it again.......the girls and i were watching it this morning on fb.....and laughing.....lucy was INTRIQUED with his music choice, and wanted to know why it wasn't in english......10,000 questions later about why people listen to music in another language.....she actually started laughing at how aidan was dancing!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!! these darn kids!!!!!!!!

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OhMyGoodness!!! Hilarious. That kid can bust a move.

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shake it, Aidan....LOL

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That kid is a freakin' RIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get it boy, move your stuff!!!!!

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LOL, Anna asked what he was doing, then she said he used to be a baby but now he is not.:confused: I love the "liquid knees," lol.

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I can't see it! Sad

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Awesome dancing!!

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Em, go to my FB, it's on there to

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Saw it on fb and it made me laugh. Ha ha he's so cute!

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Sad can't see it at work...gonna have to remember when i get home later!!!!!

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LOL That was great! We all busted a gut over here.