does this letter sound that bad? --totally OT

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does this letter sound that bad? --totally OT

I typed this letter up in a hurry yesterday. I thought it was precise, to the point, and looked kind of professional for this SAHM!!!

"Our original bid (which is attached) was for 14 buckles, where, in the letter, you were going to donate one to our orginization if we accepted your bid. M, had talked to J. about ordering a total of 26 where he then told her that he would donate one more buckle to our organization.

M. spoke with J. on the 19th of April. After their conversation I had the total amount due as $XXXX.

Would you please check into this and verify?

Thank you"

I sent a CC to M to let her know what was going on and this is what I got back from her....

"Hey - you must be stressing like crazy again - I wish you would have just asked me to call or email T - your email was a little accusatory. It'll be fine - J and T would NEVER go back on their word - we'll have the buckles tomorrow and she will adjust the bill - not even worried about it - I'm sure she just spaced it since I called her looking for an invoice - she did it so quickly probably not even thinking."

the part that gets me is I dont see where I got a "little accusatory"!!! Or even accused them of going back on their word?

I am totally exhausted, but I just dont see it.

Then she wrote this to the people
"T - please accept my apologies for the previous email from Kristi. I think she was stressing since our show is so close.

Thanks a million for the buckles - I can't wait to see them - I know they will be beautiful! Yes - you can just send them to my address - Kristi and I are neighbors.

And if you don't mind adjusting the invoice to show that we owe for 24 since J said he'd donate 2, that would be awesome and we'll make sure you get a check soon!

I hope to be able to order more than 26 buckles for state fair! Thanks a million! We really appreciate y'all!"
So anyway how did my first letter sound? I am so not seeing anything wrong or am I just so tired my brain isnt fuctioning.......well it isnt to begin with!!!!

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hmm I don't see where you're being accusatory. that person has their head up their @ss, and for them to go on and tell other people that you're stressing? that's uncalled for

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i agree with Allie - uncalled for to call you out to someone else. I don't see anything wrong with what you wrote. to me, it sounds like you noticed a discrepancy and addressed it. what's the big deal? her email to them was much more conversational...but almost to the point of A$$ kissing (IMHO). Just because you worded your differently and took out all the additional niceties, that doesn't mean yours was accusatory. You basically said the same thing she did - just more directly to the point.

don't worry Kristi - it has nothing to do with you. I write dozens of emails daily in a professional environment and that totaaly is something i would have written. I see nothing wrong with it

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i don't see anything wrong with your were just asking for them to look into it......the show is this weekend , right???? it sounds like you are just trying to tie up all the loose ends......

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Thanks ladies. I read it like three times before I sent it and didnt see anything wrong with it.

My training (I have an associates in office technology and dang you know how many polite letters we had to compose for classes?) taught me to be precise and to the point, but still be nice about it. Am I making sense?

I have no idea how she got that I accused them of anything. Yea I am stressed and yea I am busy and I didnt have time to write a polite entry and closing paragraph.......

this is my neighbor and friend so it kinda got to me a little bit this morning......

I didnt come right out and said you would donate two buckles, so what the he!! happened? Or how come you changed your mind on donating the two buckles.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Monday I have to get the stuff to the office in TX and tear down the panels and clean up lots of poo and tuesday I am going to CRASH....if DH is home and can take Zack to the bus no one better wake up anyone that doesnt have to be in school......Wyatt and Cheyenne can and have in the past slept till 10 or 11 and OMG I NEED IT!!!!!!

I have most of my stuff for this morning done. I am going to work out, get to the feed store, get to the bus, and feed the show calves then come back tonight to work on my other stuff. I will try to check in, but if not, will when I have a minute or two......

I am ready for this show to be OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for DH to come home and help me feed......

oh yeah hot guy at the feed store!!! Okay todays chores dont seem so bad anymore. Gah takes so little to amuse me....

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I think your letter is absolutely fine. Hot guy at the feed store, even better!

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Yah totally agree the letter is fine, that other woman just has a bug up her azz and is too uptight. Don't even worry about it!

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ITA, nothing at all long with your original letter. Horrible that she called you out in her reply. THAT was accusatory. :rolleyes:

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"SPCN319" wrote:

ITA, nothing at all long with your original letter. Horrible that she called you out in her reply. THAT was accusatory. :rolleyes:

Totally agree with Wendy!

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I'd just email her the link to this thread. Our responses should tell her the real story.