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Ok I know I post this yearly LOl but I forget what works best on the kids.
I have calendula cream and it doesn't seem to work great on Owen.

His skin on his legs and knees is like alligator skin rough and bumps and itchy and he already has a few patches of red Ecezma showing up.

I am going to Target today after E's appointment so I want to see what you all reccomend it the way of lotions or creams etc.

What works for you?


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We use Aveeno Baby Ecezma cream on DJ's body after baths. We have a prescription for breakouts but this seems to keep him from being too itchy and prevents most of the problems.

We also use Dove sensitive skin body wash.


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Karina's eczema doesn't seem to respond well to anything OTC, but I still use Aveeno at times as well as Aquaphor. For prescriptions, a mild hydrocortisone cream and Protopic sparingly (very expensive but works well). That said, her eczema really got better once the summer ended. Must have been the pool/sun/sunscreen combo....

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When Cheyenne had it on her face, they told me to use Cortizone 10 and then a friend recommended Aquaphor. Both of those really helped her cheeks.

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JD has a bad spot on his face and I use Cetaphil lotion and hydrocortisone on it. It works well for us, as long as I put it on there every day.

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Make sure you use ointment and not cream (according to the ped derm). I use hydrocortisone ointment OTC on Micah's face when he has a flair up and a script of the 2.5% hydrocortisone everywhere else. Once the flair up has been resolved, it's important to use vaseline on those spots to prevent future flair ups. Vaseline is great for maintenance and keeping the skin moist and hydrated. it's esp good after baths if their eczema is worse in the winter...

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No full blown eczema but C had a little spot on his cheek and hydrocortisone cream worked really well. I used that and Aquaphor but the hydrocortisone worked really fast! Good luck!

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Pedi said to use Hydrocortisone cream and then rub with CeraVe
after bath to use Vaseline if it's really bad

She gave me a BAG of samples Smile

thanks for the reminder I swear you would think I have pregnancy brain!