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Emily-Miles mommy :)

You asked me awhile ago to post a picture of my mother's ring. Sorry it took me forever but here it is. It's nothing fancy, but I love it!

It is my birthstone (peridot) with two smaller diamonds. (I couldn't afford what I liked with a diamond as the center stone.) I figure if I ever have more kids (not planning on it) I can take out one of the diamonds and put in that stone.

Sorry for the poor quality of the picture and the DIRTY ring Smile

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Very pretty! Thanks for sharing!

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I love it - it is very original and modern!

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Ooh, I like it too!

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that is really pretty steph!!!!!

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Beautiful ring!

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Wow, Awesome ring. You did well.

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That's a beautiful ring! Great setting, unusual and unique!

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Oh that's really pretty!

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I love the design! Very pretty! Biggrin

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I love it. TFS!!