fascinating article about (French) parenting

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fascinating article about (French) parenting

It will take a few minutes to read, but it's totally worth it. I'd love to hear your thoughts about it!! it's about French parenting...


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We should all try the marshmallow example with our blossoms! I want to try it with Cadence and M&Ms Smile

I like this article...my parents may be French.

I think I need to let go of some of my "helicopter parenting" tendencies!

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Rick needs to read this. Wink

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Absolutely Fantastic!! mind if I steal your link and share?

Thanks so much for posting this!

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Loved this!! I. Agree with the french pretty much on everything in this article!! Excellent article!!

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I think the French are on to something here Wink

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To actually sit and be able to talk without having to chase a kid would be so nice.

It seems I never have IRL convos cause the kids always interrupt or I have to go get onto them.....Mainly Wyatt....but Zack and Cheyenne are content to play by themselves and listened way better. Cheyenne at 3 listens better than Wyatt at 6......

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Love it.

Though I have to say I've been working since birth on getting Miles to play by himself and 15 minutes is still his limit!! And that's on a good day!

And Mel, I'm with you. I sent it on to G, lol.

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Interesting I am going to share with DH tonight and chime in later Smile

I have also been trying to get Owen to play independently and it's a struggle ...always has been.

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That's a fantastic article!

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That's a great article! Thanks for sharing!

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I read that too, someone posted it on Facebook. I totally agree with it and it sure sounds like they're on to something. N and W are pretty good at the playing independently part, the marshmallow and instant gratification and impulsive behavior are what we are working on.

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Great article! It really reminds me of the way I was raised. I think the parenting today is a generational/cultural thing. Compounded by the instant gratification we all require thanks to tv/computer/video games/smart phones/etc. Thanks for sharing, Ruth!!