Father's Day Craft Ideas

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Father's Day Craft Ideas

A friend found this site, I think it's got great ideas that are totally kid friendly!


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Oooh, thanks for this!! The first one with the puzzle pieces is perfect, since Noelle is so into puzzles right now - it'll be a great reminder of this phase.

Although... after my first thought that it would be a great thing for her to do, my SECOND thought was, 'this is just one more piece of clutter and where are we going to keep it and why am I creating more of this stuff when I spend so much time trying to get rid of it!!?!' LOL A packrat, I am not.

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that nuts for you card is adorable, corny, but totally adorable and I'm totally doing it LOL

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Oh I agree with the "more crap" stuff, lol! But this is what I figure...I'm not saving much from every stage of the kids lives, but gifts like this I would save...so you leave it out for a bit, then hopefully find a drawer or a bin to tuck it away in so that in 20 years you can look back and get all mushy!!

Allie I totally plan on doing the nuts one too!!! And I think a combo of ideas....a jar that will say You Rock My Socks Off Dad!, with rocks glued to the top, and rocks and C & D's baby socks inside the jar...not sure how to do the baby socks so it doesn't look stupid, but I'll try!!

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Thanks for sharing! Cool ideas!

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awesome julie...thank you....i might do the corny wallet one except get him a real wallet cause he keeps saying he needs one!!!!!!!!

thank you!!!!!

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ohhhhhh those are some great ideas!!!!!!!! bookmarked!!!!!!!

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Thanks for sharing!! I definitely needed some help with ideas.