Fiona is one!

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Fiona is one!


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She's a cutie!!

Thanks for sharing and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Any chance for some more pics with Big Sis?

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She's so beautiful, I love looking at how well she's grown and I can't believe it's already been a YEAR! Happy Birthday to your little artist!!!

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what a little sweetie........she is just perfect......happy birthday fiona!!!!! have fun being 1!!!!! great year in photo's!!!!! tfs!!!!!

ETA........the last pic is just amazingly adorable!!!!!!!! she has a perfect smile, her two little toofers sticking out.....omgoodness.....what a petite little love!!!!!!

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I just love the sh!t outta that little girl.

I've experienced the attitude NO first hand and it's HILARIOUS LOL.

I can't believe a year ago today we were all sitting in your living room, waiting for that sweet girl (or boy, we didn't know lol) to arrive. I was sooo sure it was a boy, but I'm glad it wasn't, I'm glad it was that awesome girl.

It was the most amazing day, I've never experienced anything like that before, and I was a blithering idiot lol, I don't know if I"ll ever experience another birth again, but I'm glad that you invited me. *tear* it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

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Happy birthday, Fiona! What a little doll.

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Woo hoo - Happy 1st Birthday Fiona!!!!
What sweet pictures, she is such a cutie pie. Biggrin

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*Sigh* I LOVE her! I'm a fool and am all teary over here!!!

It was such a great day!

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When I first saw this post title, I thought, 'I hope there are some cute pics.' lol WOW!! What a GREAT post! Such a perfect recap of her first year and what a doll she is! That psoriasis pic still breaks my heart, but I'm so glad she's all better and she's just absolutely perfect and adorable. So cute that she says Violet's name, too - I bet she adores her big sis!

Happy birthday, Fiona! :party:

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Such a cute little doll! Happy 1 Fiona!!

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Totally crying. It's been quite a year, hasn't it? I feel totally fortunate to have shared 2 pregancies with you and so wish we could do a third together.

Fiona is just beautiful and I love her wee little dainty size.

Can't you please figure out a way to come to MI with Allie???????

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What a sweetie. Happy Birthday Fiona!!! :biglove:

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Aww, Happy Birthday, Fiona!!

Love her 11 mth picture...just adorable. She is just the biggest cutie pie. And looks like such a good-natured little doll.

She never lost any of her hair, did she? So sweet.

Have a great day Miss Fiona!! Smile

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She is such a cutie.


Wow, where did the year go?

Happy Birthday

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Aww thanks everyone. She had a great day!

Allie, that day was totally amazing. And I'm forever glad you were there.

Mel...damn I'd love to go through another pregnancy with you. Smile And I'd love to go to MI. Sigh, they both are kind of 99% sure it's not gonna happen, lol! I promise to meet you someday though!! Prom-iss!!

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Happy birthday to sweet Fiona! I loved all the pics. She is SUCH a sweetie pie!