Fire in my county

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Fire in my county

ugh, the wind has picked up again. Poor firefighters.

A friend volutarily evacuated his home because the fire was a mile from his house. He said there were engines and firefighters all around his home as well. He had to leave some dogs and horses. He isnt sure how many of his bosses cows are gone. He also said his bosses land has nothing left for the cows to graze at all. He also suggested to me to pack a bag incase the wind shifted. Tonight the wind is supposed to stay at the current direction, but tomorrow night it is shifting towards my house from the direction the fire is burning. I hope they can get it under control, but the wind ....the wind is awful......and is going to stay awful.

the schools are closed, the towns are evacuated. We are under such severe fire restrictions that you cant even smoke outdoors. Pretty much nothing allowed that is able to start a fire, and dont know what started this one.

The land that is burning is heavy density pine and undergrowth and probably needed to either burn or be cleared, but not like this in this wind.

This is the town(s) that I visit when I go to walmart and run my errands. It is really only about 20 miles from my house the way the crow flies. And most of it is forest.

It is going to be hard to sleep tonight. I hate this.

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Oh my goodness Kristi, how scary. I hope they are able to get it under control soon.

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That's awful! :bigarmhug: I hope it gets controlled soon.

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I hope they get it under control, so scary. Stay safe :bighug:

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Oh, Kristi. Sending good thoughts. I hope it ends ASAP. That's terrifying.

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Stay safe! :bigarmhug:

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thanks ladies. 6000 estimated acres burnt they say. trying to find news on where it is burning now.............and it is under investigation.

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Scary.... any chance it's coming your way this morning?? Hope you guys are ok..

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"Jennilynnjeff" wrote:

Scary.... any chance it's coming your way this morning?? Hope you guys are ok..

It really just depends on which way the wind decides to blow. Yesterday it was blowing the fire towards the east of us, but right now it is not even contained.

I cant see the smoke towers that were going up like it was yesterday, so hopefully a good sign.

at the suggestion of the friend that evacuated, I have put all my important papers in a box. He also suggested I pack an overnight bag, but I havent gotten that far.

I dont want to seem overly paranoid, but I dont want to be unprepared, esp since it is just me and the kids at home.

Our house is stucco exterior and metal roof, too......and we dont have thick trees and brush on our property,,,,,just tons of tall grass and weeds......that will help it to an extent.

If this is just the start of the fire season, I probably will keep that box packed until the monsoon!!

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Oh no, Kristi, that is horrible! I hope they can get it under control. Wild fires are so scary because they are so unpredictable. :bigarmhug:

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Oh my gosh, how scary! Stay safe Kristi! :bigarmhug:

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Yikes. I hope they contain everything soon. KUP

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wow.......kristi...........hope it is under control by now.......that is soooooooo scary!!!! stay safe!!!!!