Gah, its my baby's first day of preschool

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Gah, its my baby's first day of preschool

We got a call yesterday that Alicia got into the local preschool. She started this morning at 9am. I have never been there, DH checked it out. I'm completely anxious about this. I wanted more time to prepare myself and Alicia. I didn't think she'd get in before September when she will start JK anyway. DH took her today and will stay with her today and Monday. Tuesday she goes on her own. Its for 2.5 hours a day and is a goverment funded program so it doesn't cost us anything directly out of pocket. DH heard about it at the local early years center and decided to apply for the kids so they can have time with other kids and he gets a child care break. All good reasons...but I'm shocked at how fast it happened and in a bit of shock that my baby is starting school today. GAH!

And for you fashionistas, I'm a bit bummed that I didn't have time to shop for a first day of school fact I have no idea what she is wearing. I put out two dresses this morning and combed her hair before I left, but whether DH actually gets her into one of those dresses, I won't know until I go home.


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awww she will have so much fun! I am sure Dh got her into a dress!

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Oh my, what a surprise! I bet it'll be great for her, but those milestones are always hard to deal with. Yay for her, hugs for mama!

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Awww. What a big step. I bet she did great.

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I hope she had fun!!

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So how did it go? I am anxious to hear how she liked it Smile

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How did the first day go? Did she like it? What did she end up wearing?

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It went okay. She's really shy so it took a while for her to warm up. I asked her what she thought and she said school was okay. I think once she makes a couple of friends it will be alright. She was allowed to take her stuffed kitty, so that helped. DH took DJ with them and of course DJ went right in and joined in. He's a social butterfly. She wore the same dress she is wearing in my siggy, she looked cute. DH forgot to change her tights to match though, so she was wearing white tights. Oh well. She has a PD day on Monday so next day of class is Tuesday. I think I will go in late so I can go with them for the first half hour and check it out.