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Gift shopping help

Since obviuosly we've got some super shoppers here, I was wondering if you could help me with a gift idea.

My half sister (same dad, different mom - 27) is about to graduate from Carnegie Mellon with her MBA. She's got a job lined up - at Oracle - and I guess she's going to be most traveling. She's got like 6 months of training all across the country and then will eventually settle near Charlotte, NC and then most of her travel will be the south (this is all second hand info from my Dad so the info isn't super reliable, lol).

So, what's a good graduation gift? She's SUPER high maintance. Kind of picky. Once we were out shopping and she bought herself a pair of $100 Coach gloves while I bought the 2 pack of stretchy ones for $1 so that kind of describes the difference between the 2 of us.

I'd love to get her something fancy, but at the same time, I know if she doesn't like it, she won't use it so then I'm thinking the GC way, but I don't know to where. She's a few states away and I probably won't see her before she heads off for her training so the gift will be done through the mail.

Any suggestions? Any great graduation gifts you remember getting?

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I am thinking that if she is traveling quite freqently that some sort of travel bag or toiletry bag.....but if you dont think she would like anything she got you, might I suggest a visa gift card that she can use any where and on anything.

All I got for graduations were towels, photo frames, a laundry bag, and cash.....

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Grad gifts are hard!! I always think jewelry is a nice route. Biggrin Maybe some earrings or necklace. But gift cards are super easy to mail. And Visa Gift Cards are nice. Let us know what you decide.

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I love Marcie's idea of jewelry. I love clothes, buying clothes, getting clothes, so I'm thinking clothes. Maybe a GC to like Ann Taylor. Or maybe perfume. Coach also has business accessories. Maybe something from here?

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I'd mail her a GC to a travel shop, or a line that carries travel gear/travel wear. Then she can choose her own toiletry bag or outift or scarf or passport holder or whatever. I don't know what shop she would like or which one she might sneer at...that part is a little harder to guess.

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what about something like this

it's great for traveling.....i got one as a gift about 8 years ago and LOVE pack all your toiletries and stuff and just hang it on the back of the bathroom door...keeps everything organized and when you are ready to leave all you have to do zip it up and you're ready!!!!

the one in the pic is just plain blue...but my girlfriend gave me one with a really pretty blue hawaiin pattern!!!!

and sorry...tried copy and pasting like mel does but it didn't work :rolleyes:

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I was thinking a real nice carry-on bag, the kind with wheels and telescoping handle.

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I like the idea of something for traveling. It seems like that would be perfect for her since she will be doing alot of traveling with her training.
Do you have a price range in mind?

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I suck at gifts. Truly, I do. Money is good.

If I had more money I would buy nice stationary. Love Swoozies.

Maybe a *small* stationary gift with a Visa gift card...that way there is still some personalization along with the gift card that she can do what she wants with.

Let us know what you decide!

eta: I also love all these things (from another (possibly cheaper?)) local stationary store...I think the embossers are really nice: