GMC Ad campaign at bottom of page (from admin)

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GMC Ad campaign at bottom of page (from admin)

HI everyone, there's an announcement at the top of the boards regarding the ad campaign, but here's the cut and paste from Missy

Looks like we'll have to grin and bear it for a little while longer

GMC Ad Campaign at page bottom

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone for sending this to my attention and for all of the feedback. A special thanks to all our hosts and Site Assistants for their help with communications and esp. for responding to members onsite!

After reading through the email, pm's, IM's, and your feedback onsite - I was able to make some phone calls followed by a few short meetings. I will be posting a version of this message on all the boards as an announcement shortly which you can then direct your members to.

Here is what I can share at this point:

  • Rest assured that your feedback is very important to us as we value each and every one of our members. Most definitely I am passing it all along.
  • This is a legitimate advertising campaign (for those of you that may have been concerned that it was spam or mal-ware.)
  • This is only a temporary advertising campaign. At the very maximum it will run through the end of the month (approx. 15 days.) Our ad managers were testing a new media format for the site to see how it would perform, after which time it was to be evaluated not only based upon its effectiveness and performance, but also how well it is received. Obviously your feedback will play into this.
  • Unfortunately, it was too late to have any changes made today. On Monday, however, they are going to take a closer look at the caps per session, how the ads are being delivered, behavior, and placement. I insure that your messages will be passed along as well.
  • In regards to the impact on functionality of the site itself, you should not notice a difference. You should still be able to have the page scroll down as needed, find all buttons and links in working order, etc. If you do NOT -- please do communicate that with me asap at [][/EMAIL]. (If you can include screenshots and share what browser you were using -- even better!)
  • Please know that I do welcome your feedback. If I have not addressed your concern, please feel free to email me directly at [][/EMAIL].

Thank you all for taking the time to share with us and for being a source of inspiration everyday! We are listening and continuing to strive to work on improvements throughout the site that we hope you will find engaging, exciting, and that make your time spent here all the more worthwhile! Be sure to stay tuned within the coming weeks! There is lots in store!

~Missy (