green pool hair

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green pool hair

I know several of you have pools or go swimming a lot.

How do you prevent green hair or how do you get rid of it?

I have a bottle of ultra swim shampoo, but wondered if there was a better way.

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We don't use chlorine or bromine, so it isn't an issue for us.

The best way to avoid blonde hair from becoming green hair from swimming pools is prevention. Use a swimming cap, or other means to keep the hair out of the water. If this is too much, wash the hair immediately after swimming is done. Once blonde hair is green, it's almost impossible to remove it at home. And sady, swimmer's shampoo that is sold in drugstores may remove some of the green, but it damages the hair enough so that it just ends up more porous and sucking up more chlorine and becoming green all over again.

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I read the other day to wet your hair with regular water before you get in the chlorinated water. Can't remember what I was reading, but it said "hair is like a sponge," yada yada yada...let it soak up the clean water first, and then it won't absorb so much chlorine.

Maybe this is why divers are always sticking their hair in water before they dive?!! Or probably not, but anyway, it kinda makese sense!

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I wash Gweny's the minute we get home from the pool (or at least I try to, lol) and that seems to help.