Gweny's birthday pics - VERY pic heavy

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Gweny's birthday pics - VERY pic heavy

Just wanted to share some pics of Gweny's birthday. We didn't have a birthday party or anything for her but we did take her to Chuck E Cheese. I think she had a prety good time Biggrin Sorry the pics are so big but photobucket is not being emily-friendly today.

I cannot decorate a cake to save my life so I let her and Bradley decorate it

Fun at Chuck E Cheese

Had to include this pic of JD because the look on his face is funny

Presents and cake

Thanks for looking!

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great pics emily!!!!!!! looks like she had a blast!!! love that pic of JD too...too funny!!!

PS: kids don't even know that chuck E cheese's exists yet....they would be addicted LOL...I'm waiting for the first birthday party that we get invited to there to introduce them ROFL


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Those are great pics!!! Looks like a wonderful birthday celebration.

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Looks like she had a great time!! Love the pic with you and all the kiddos (even if feet is all we see of one of them, lol).

Thanks for sharing!!

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emily...........those are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! gweny is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you all are gorGEOUS!!!!!!!! (jAck is helpingme type) the selfy of you and jd........and how does gweny like her razor??? my kids use them daily around here....well when it's not raining!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! great pics.........beautiful cake and my kids call it chucky cheezit!!!!!!

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Those are awesome! G is such a beautiful girl! They did a fabulous job on the cake!!! And girl you look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! TFS!

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LOVE the cake decorating pic. But, I wanna see more of what she was wearing, it looks adorable!!!

Do tell how she likes the Razor. I was thinking of getting Jax one, but I'm afraid the boy would break his neck, he's WILD on things with wheels.

Chuck E Cheese looked like a blast.
Btw---I always thought it was called chunky cheese. I never looked at a sign or payed attention to the spelling in the adds, just thought everyone always said "chunky cheese".

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Do we have Chuck E Cheese in Canada? I know it is a favourite of my nieces and nephews in Ohio.

Great pics, I always prefer them larger so I can see them properly (old lady). That one of JD is hilarious! I like Gweny's dress too.

My boys have scooters but I never thought of getting one for Anna yet - let us know how Gweny does on it!

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Great pics, looks like she had fun at Chuck E Cheese. Gosh, my kids love that place. I don't. Wink Total germfest..

You look great and your kids are cuties!!
The cake looks yummy too - the kids did a good job!

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We do Karina, but we avoid it like the plague lol too busy.

Great pics Emily, your kids are so gorgeous. I love the one of all of you.

I decorate cakes but I got the kids to decorate their own cupcakes, they have more fun that way

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Love the pics! Looks like she had a lot of fun-- she's so pretty too!

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Aww, I looked at these two times already and didn't have the hands to comment. :rolleyes:

That's okay though, I don't mind looking at them a third time. Smile

I think they did a really good job on the cake! Seriously. Very cute!

I love seeing pictures of your family. Looks like Chuck e Cheese was a hit...don't think I've ever been to one either. Gweny is a baby doll, as usual, and so good to see a new picture of JD! :bigsmile:

Ooh, and her dress really is adorable. TFS!

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Great pics!! The cake looked awesome too! I absolutely LOVE you in those glasses!! I'm a glasses-girl myself! Razor scooters look like so much fun, but we don't have anywhere to ride them...unless they work on gravel!!

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Thanks for all the comments Smile For those that were wondering about the scooter, Gweny does great on it! She had a 3 wheeled scooter before and that did not go quite fast enough for the little dare devil so she was always trying to snag Bradley's razor. She really likes it and I think she especially likes that fact that she has a "big kid" scooter now like her brother.