Happy 3rd Birthday Pax ~ SPCN319 (Wendy)

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Happy 3rd Birthday Pax ~ SPCN319 (Wendy)

I hope you have a fantastic day filled with lots of fun and yummy treats.

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:icecream::cake::occasion1: happy birthday, pax!!! have a fantastic day!!!:occasion1::cake::icecream:

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:party: Happy 3rd Birthday, Paxson!!!! :party:

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Another way cool cake. I have a new respect for cake decorators since the last one I made, lol!

Happy birthday, Pax!!! :icecream:

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Happy Birthday!!!!!

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happppppppy birthday big boy

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Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!!!!!!

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Happy Happy Happy Birthday Pax!!! It looks like you had a really fun party, hope you are having another fun day today!!!

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Happy 3rd Birthday, Pax!!

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Happy birthday, Pax!!!

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Happy 3rd Birthday Pax!! :icecream:

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Hope you had a great day, Pax!!! :cake:

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Thanks so much everyone!! He had an awesome few days. We had his party Wednesday night with a handful of friends and rented out an indoor playplace for a few hours. They had a BLAST and I did NOTHING but write a check. It was beautiful. Today we just let him run the day mostly, deciding what to do and letting him open a present every few hours. It worked great because he actually had time to play with each gift a bit before moving on to the next one. I'm pooped, but it was really fun!

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yay for a good bday!!!!! sorry this is belated but happy bday little man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Pax!! I'm so doing it your way next year or maybe even for Jack's 1st Biggrin

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Happy Birthday