Happy Birthday, Alanis!

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Happy Birthday, Alanis!

Ok maybe this is petty of me, especially since I haven't been on here much and haven't been able to comment on any of the other birthday threads. But it made me sad to see Alanis get overlooked so I'm posting this myself.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful and amazing 4 year old!

I LOVE you to the moon and back!

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happy birthday alanis!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a beautiful pic, hilda.....!!!!!! 4 is going to be so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday, Alanis!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day. And Hilda, I love your siggy pic, you and your girls are so beautiful!

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Happy 4th Birthday Alanis! Hope it was a special day! I love your siggy pic too...you look gorgeous!

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I'm So Sorry Hilda. I had no clue you even lurked here at all, or I would have done a thread for her. Sad Will you forgive me?

Hope you had a fantastic birthday. I think I remember that you like Little Einsteins.

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happy birthday....hope you had a marvelous day

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Happy Birthday, Alanis!! I hope you had a fun day!!

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Happy birthday!

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Happy Belated Birthday, Alanis!!