Happy Birthday Mel (Luangwa)

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Happy Birthday Mel (Luangwa)

Happy Birthday mama. I hope Jax feels better I saw on FB that the poor lil' dude isn't well Sad but I hope you're able to have a good birthday

it's the boot drive for MS this weekend, so I thought I'd commemorate the occaision with a smokin' hot fireman Smile

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mmmmmmmmm...........i wish our local firemen looked like this!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!
happy birthday mel!!!!!!!! have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!! i hope jax is feeling better......sorry about the meetup getting cancelled Sad

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Happy birthday, Mel!!!

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Mmmm, men in uniform. Biggrin

Happy birthday, Mel! I hope Jax is feeling better really soon!!!

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Happy Happy Birthday Mel!!! Hope your day was still great and Jax is feeling better!!

Mmmhmmmm, we had our boot drive for our local VFD this weekend....yeahhhhhhhh, add about 50lbs of fat and 1/4 the hair, and that's our VFD!!

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Happy Birthday! I hope you had a great day!

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Happy Belated Birthday!!!

I think if ALL firefighters looked like that I might have to have a fire emergency!!!!!

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Happy belated Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day & hope Jax is all better!

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Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

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Happy birthday Mel! I hope you had a great day!

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Happy birthday!!!! Hope it was a good one!!

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Hope you had a great birthday!!! And hope you are home safely now. Smile

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Happy Birthday!!!!!

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Hey, Thanks for the birthday wishes. Best birthday yet. Yep, a three year old puking on you at 5 in the morning should be the way everyone starts their birthday. LOL

Ok, off to start a fire.