How many of our little ones can write something?

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How many of our little ones can write something?

I was just wondering how many of our blossoms are able to write. I tried to sit down with Jayden yesterday to teach him how to write the letters of his name, but he doesn't seem all that interested.
He can write an "A", and kind of can write a "J"

When I sit down with him to attempt to teach him, he gives me just a few min of listening - then scribbles, or runs off and plays with his cars. He's never been very interested in coloring or drawing, he'd rather peel the crayons and brake them in half. Wink

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Oh not even close! Colby just scribbles. I do make him letters he says he wants to trace, but he just scribbles on them, then says he traced them and rips up the paper, lol.

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Owen has circle and straight lines down.. but no letters.. though he knows what they say.. like if he sees "OWEN" he knows that is his name

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Anna can recognize several letters (most particularly "A"), but doesn't attempt to write them as far as I know.

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Nicholas is good at tracing letters, but doesn't write a whole lot spontaneously. He can make N's on his own and will do circles and lines and tell me they are o's and l's, but that's it on his own. He does know all of his letters by site and the sounds they make, but the tracing even is a pretty recent thing. I know it's still really early to expect them to do any kind of writing at this point as well, Nicholas just has a few friends that are 6-8 months older than he is and they write letters so he decided he wanted to learn.

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"K" is Karina's favorite letter and she easily recognizes it and she does recognize most of the alphabet-- she can say "C" "A" "T" but doesn't recognize it spells CAT.

I'm teaching her to write a "K" but she hasn't quite mastered it!

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Miles is a LONG way from writing anything. He'll certainly read before he can write.

He knows all his letters and sounds and can spell a few words (he gets cookie and bath confused - I ask if he wants a b-a-t-h and he says "yeah I want a cookie!!" LOL).

Fine motor skills have always been his slowest area. Pretty much all he'll do is make circles - but not one circle, he scribbles in circles. I've been trying to get him to do X's and O's (thought that'd be cute if I could get him to do that on thank you notes) but he shows no interest.

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L for Landon and M for Mommy are the only letters that Landon could care about in the alphabet! lol! He believes in any word that has either in it belongs to us lol! He knows a handful more to recognize in print but would def not be able to write them! We have a circle down and working on S with snake and our last name but longggggggggggg time coming

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Nope, no writing here.

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abby scribbles beautifully!!!!!

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Jax has circles and lines down, but no where near even tracing letters. He does know his letters by sight and he knows a few 3 letter words. He's a long way off from having the dexterity to 'write'.

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"toothy35" wrote:

abby scribbles beautifully!!!!!

yep here to lol

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Not even close. And I don't think she knows any letters.
Heck, she really can't even say her ABCs...almost...but not quite! Wink

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Noelle is just now starting to be a little bit more interested in writing, or at least in drawing. She's starting to be more interested in staying within the lines of pictures that she's coloring or painting. She also loves to draw faces (but rarely puts a smile on the face, isn't that kind of sad? :(). She can recognize most letters by sight, but it's hard to keep her focused... but I think it's early for all this stuff (unless they're interested). I'm certainly not pushing any of it on her! lol

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I am with Candace on this one. Doesnt even know his ABCs. He is not interested at all. It will come I am sure. Since he started the prek program I am sure I will see some improvements.

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LOL, well Nadia can draw a circle or a line. Wink Seriously though, I love that they fool around and color and draw at this age, but I certainly don't encourage any letter formation. At this age even if they do form letters they more than likely form them incorrectly, and thus create bad habits that need to be broken later on. Now if you do have an LO that seems really ready to go and is willing to let you teach the correct way to form the letters, then no harm done... go for it!

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Cheyenne will scribble and say she is writting her name...........draws circles and lines.......about like everyone else.

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It sounds like our kiddos are all doing the same thing. Biggrin

I think someone on our board (a few months ago) said their little one was writing their name. Anyone remember that?

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I think it was Alyssa, Peg's DD. I could be wrong

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I don't remember it, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was Alyssa...didn't she know her ABCs at 18mths?! Smart girl!

But at C's bday party this weekend I noticed that one of the other kids there (that is almost three) had obviously written CADY MAE on the card. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I threw the envelope away.

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C LOVES letters -seriously LOVES them. He is so interested in what everything 'spells'. He constantly asks "what does that spell?" He would love to be able to read. He can write most all letters. He writes his name, and the few words he can spell; cat, dog, cow, mom, dad. Letters and numbers are just his thing. I always say he's got an engineer brain like his daddy. Biggrin

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Alanis LOVES to scribble. In fact, it's hard to keep her from doing so all over the walls. She has always liked drawing, but now loves it more than ever. She'll happily spend large amounts of time scribbling, painting with watercolors, and drawing with markers or crayons. About a month ago she started drawing people. She makes a teardrop shape for the body then gives it two stick legs and two stick arms. Then she draws the facial features on the body. It's kinda cute! At around the same time her scribbles became more deliberate. So one day we asked her to try to draw an "A". She didn't quite get it that first time but now she can do it if we ask to. She only rarely does it on her own. She's much more content drawing her little people. She also draws "flowers" - a long stick, with stuff at the top. I think that maybe they started working on that stuff at school since it wasn't with us that she picked that up.

I'm not pushing the writing because I agree that it's still a bit too early for them to really get it right. But if she continues to show interest then we may dabble a bit in it over the summer and do some tracing. For now I just need to get more of those markers that come off easily with just water.

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Alanis does great drawing people! Biggrin Love it!

I had a feeling it was Cohen who could write his name. That's awesome!

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lyssa can trace her letters great but can't do it on her own...circles and lines yes....and she's done an occasional T and A but she can't do it on demand!!!! she's great at happy faces though Smile

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I get excited when Noah sits long enough to scribble! No circles or straight lines yet. And no tracing either. He can freehand scribble though!