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I am

Back on Team Blue!!

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Awww. Congrats on the boy. Pax is going to have so much fun with his little brother.

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Great news Wendy! Smile

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Aww! So exciting! 2 boys...wheeeeeeeeee - Tia is going to be so loved by big brother and little brother. :bigsmile:


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Woohoo! Congratulations!! :jumpingbeans:

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Awesome!!! So far your family is following the exact same pattern as my BFF, with b/g/b. Except she's hoping to have 6 kids... Smile If you have any more, it'll be fun to see if you guys keep producing the same genders in the same order.

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Congrats! The boy-girl-boy pattern rocks Smile

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Hooray! Congrats!

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Congrats!!! Saw this on FB yesterday. So excited for you!!!

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Yay!!! Congrats!!!!!!!