I did it...

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I did it...

Something I swore I wouldn't do until Nicholas was much much older. And I'm living to tell about it.

Last week one of Nicholas's friends from school's mom called me and asked me if she could pick up Nicholas from school today, take him to their house and let him play until DH got off of work, so he'd be there from 12:30, when school got out until 5:00 this evening. I always said I wouldn't allow him to go to a friend's house without me there, unless I was good friends with their mom too. Well, I accepted the offer! Granted, we have been having playdates once a week for a few months now after school either at their house or at the park, so I've been to the house and feel like I know the mom pretty well. They are a really nice family, share the same morals and behavior standards for their kids as I do for mine, she is working towards being a doula and had a home birth for her baby (who is 8 months old now) I know that they seem pretty common for some of the places you guys live, but here, in Florida, she is the only person I have ever met who has had a homebirth. They are just an awesome family, not just becasue of the homebirth, but you know what I mean. Plus, his preschool is a half an hour away from our house (but close to DH's work, which is one of the reasons we chose it), so she was also offering in order to save me the trip to that side of town.

So, even though I was always of the school of thought that I would not allow him to go home from school with a friend until much older, I did it. And he had a blast. And then he fell asleep on the way home, since obviously it was way too much fun there to nap Wink

How do you guys feel about letting your kids go to a friend's house?

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I'm like you - only if I feel I know the family really well and am 100% comfortable with it. Cohen has gone to our neighbors house a couple times and always has fun. We've too have playdates where we're both there and have similar parenting styles, the kids get along well and I know they are good family so I'm ok with that.

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Aw I'm so glad he had a fun time, and that you survived too lol! Colby has been to a friend's house a few times by himself, and the same friend has been here a few times by himself. They were friends before school, but now they are in the same classroom this year. It works out well, actually school is closed this Monday, and the other Mom offered for me to drop Colby at her house for a few hours. We have pretty similar parenting styles, the kids are relatively the same age, the other mother has a 4 month old girl....so we have similar lifestyles and I'm okay with leaving him there for a few hours. Whether the other kid is here or Colby at the other house, they both cry and carry on when it's time to go, they want to stay lol.

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that is big news!!!!! i'm glad nicholas had fun hanging at his friends house!!!!! i'm glad it was a great 1st experience!!!!!

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:eek: Wow very impressed. But I have to admit, my butt is a little puckered thinking about this.

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I have a friend that I would let Josh go over to there house with out me. The problem is I know he would not want to do it without me right now. If he were a little more comfortable with it then I would do it in a heartbeat. I am glad he get to have this experience as well as you. And I agree with you on the homebirth. I know no one down here that has had one and that is pretty awsome that you do.

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I'm glad the experience turned out to be such a good one. I admit I haven't done this except a handful of times; people always seem to come to us. Max (who is 7) has been on a couple of play dates, but the other two haven't gone without me yet. Theo did stay at a birthday party by himself once, but the hostess is a good friend of mine. I understand the reluctance!

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Good for you! I'm so glad he had fun!

I've never really had issue with this, as long as I know the parents, of course. We do a lot of child-care trading in my MOMS Club, so the kids spend time at each other's homes fairly often (although it's not usually *just* a playdate, it's more "Mama has to run errands"). I'd also feel comfortable letting Pax go to one of his preschool friend's houses, but it's a really small school (only 9 kids) and I feel like I know the parents well enough to trust them.

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That's great!

Frankly, I don't think anybody would want Miles at their house without me, lol. If someone offered though I would totally jump at the chance!

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I'm glad you both had such a great experience!!
If I don't know that parent that well, I couldn't see myself letting Jayden go home with a friend until he's older.
My daughter (up until she was probably eight yrs old) & Jayden wouldn't even want to do something like that, unless I was with them the entire time.

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that is awesome....we have never come up with the opportunity but if it did and i'm sure it will i'd be nervous but would probably let them do it!!!!


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Sophie or Nadia would have NO desire to do that. They are pretty mommy clingy. Odessa would enjoy going to a friend's house, and I would be okay with her going if I knew the family well. Her good friends are also homeschooled though, so usually we get together as "families" hanging out.

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Wendy, we tend to do a lot of the trading too with my moms group, but somehow, although I keep others kids, I am always so nervous to leave my own. I guess I've overcome that fear to a degree.
And I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one that saw this as a huge step Smile