I need an interpretation, anyone speak Three-yearian?

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I need an interpretation, anyone speak Three-yearian?

Jax keeps saying "sowa bewwy jeans"
He's getting mad at me.
I keep repeating back "sour belly jeans"? Cuz that is exactly what it sounds like he is saying. And he just keeps saying NO Sowa bewwy jeans, momma.
I've tried "can you show me?" That's not working today.


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Sore Belly Jeans (are his jeans too tight)
Sore Belly Beans (did he eat something that made his belly sore)?

That's all I got..

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What tone was he originally saying it in?

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I thought jelly beans, too. Sorry, got nothing.

Is he asking for diffrent pants? Does he not match well enough (and only to you would I say that and not be joking). Smile

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Sour berry something? Strawberries?

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He wanted Sour Jelly Beans.

We bought some Starburst jellybeans at the store yesterday. I forgot about them.
He just got out of bed and hollered at me that he had to poop. While he was sitting on the potty, he told me "go git sowa belly jeans". "poopin tweet" The second he followed sour belly jeans with pooping treat, I knew what it was. ROFL

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nice. I was thinking jelly beans too.

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It threw me off because at first he was just saying bewwy jeans, bewwy jeans. He didn't add the sowa until he got frustrated with me repeating belly jeans.

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Well I'm glad that riddle was solved! And that the kid got his beans!

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LOL I kinda figured it out just cause I have been around wyatt (he still speaks really fast and I have to interpret him too....) so I guess you could say that I am in the 3-5 year old mind set....

of course cheyenne has been throwing me off lately and I cant understand what she wants....

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ROFL I'm glad you solved the mystery lol

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I was going to suggest it meant So Want NEw Jeans....(He does have you has is MOmma!)

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Im so sorry thats funny.... I was sitting here trying to figure it out and Coby (19M) just looking at me crazy.. Like mommy whats wrong with you .

Im glad you figures it out

You should hear Chris He talks like a auctioneer and expect for you to understand what he is saying... I tell him to come back later and tell me ... then he slows down and I understand ... LOL

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sorry...didn't get a chance to get on yesterday!!!!

glad you figured it out...LOL....and jeeezzeeee give the boy some sour jelly beans already Smile