I think I might be crazy...

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I think I might be crazy...

I have just agreed to watch a good friends two boys (3 and 1) from now until the end of August! She is working full time, but plans to stop at the end of August anyway, she already put in her notice, and her current nanny just took a new job teaching preschool and running a summer camp. It is great for the nanny, who is in school for teaching and it will give her benefits, and my friend was kind of expecting it since the nanny knows she will not be needed at the end of the summer, but not so good for my friend in the interim.

Her boys are awesome, the oldest will be 4 in August, so he will be starting preschool 3 days a week then, and the youngest is 2 months younger than William. They play great with my boys and Nicholas is really excited to have his buddy over to play every day and they are the sweetest, most well behaved boys, so that's not the problem (I wouldn't have agreed to take them if they weren't such great kids). They are great eaters, great listeners and even nap around the same time every day that my boys do, so potentially I could still have a small window of down time during the day.

I am just worried about the logistics of having 4 kids under 4 for 10 hours a day. My boys and I are constantly on the go with playdates and swimming and parks and the library and the plan is that we won't change much, I'll just be doing it with 4 kids instead of 2, but the logistics are freaking me out at the moment. The two littles will go in the double stroller and the two bigs will walk and hold onto the stroller, but are used to this and do it really well and everywhere we go is very kid friendly anyway, I am the president of our moms group so most of the stuff we are doing is with other moms and their kids, and everyone knows these two too, their mom is a member and before she went back to work she was an active member as well.

I guess we'll see how it goes when I get them, they start coming to me on Wednesday and I'll have the 4 days a week until our music together session is over and then 5 days a week after that.

If you got through this rambled mess, thanks! Wish me luck! And anyone who has taken care of kids like this if you have any suggestions I welcome them! Staying home all day every day is not an option for me, I would go insane without adult interaction. We may not go out every day since I have all 4, but I know me and we'll be out quite a bit, so suggestions on how to make that work are welcomed!

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I think overall it will be wonderful!!!!! Nicholas won't be at you to play, and will have a buddy! The little ones will probably take some adjusting but I bet by August you will be ready for another one Wink Your house will be to "quiet" lol!

It should be a fun summer:)!!!!!!!!!!!! I think keeping busy (like you plan to do) will be your godsent! I would go crazy in my house all summer!

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Wow you are brave lol. But I agree that it will be great for Nicholas to have a buddy. I swaer Aidan asks me to play with him every 5 seconds, I don't even know if he knows he's doing it anymore, the other day I WAS playing with him and he said "Mommy, aren't you going to play with me?" LOL

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Good luck to you, but I don't think you need it. Wink Change always seems more daunting than it actually turns out to be. You are going to have so much (exhausting) fun, and it's so short term. How perfect.

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Brave mama.. Have Fun Smile

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i think you already have it all figured out!!! it sounds likeyou guys are gonna have an amazingly fun summer with the boys......and with 4 boys.....i can't imagine they will allow for much sitting still time, either......parks, beaches, playgrounds....it's gonna be great!!!!!!!!!! what a great friend you are!!!!!!!

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I think you will do great! I bet it will be lots of fun for the boys to have playmates around their same age. Biggrin
Good luck!

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I think it'll be great, the first time you take them all out together, you'll have figured out the logistics of it all and it will be smooth sailing from there!

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That is really nice of you! I am sure the kids will have so much fun Smile

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Thanks everyone! I do this it's going to be fun, and you're right, it will be awesome for Nicholas to always have a playmate around, he has seriously forgotten how to play by himself just like the rest of our 3 year olds. It should be fun...

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