It's a ............................. (xposted)

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It's a ............................. (xposted)


baby did not want to show off the goods. legs crossed the whole time and hands over it's parts, which leads me to think boy, because well, boys like playing with their parts :razz:

Anyway. The tech said they'd call me back for another U/S, but if they don't i'm fine with a surprise. I was up in the air with wanting to know anyway and this just strengthens my resolve that I wasn't meant to find out. I'm not going to pay for another U/S, so we may have to wait until delivery day.

Here's the cute little stubborn bugger. s/he was moving around like crazy, except for the leg crossing lol

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What a lil stinker! S/he is adorable though!

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What a stinker! FWIW, Mikayla was my only one that didn't show it all off. Smile A surprise will be fun though!

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Boo to covering up the goods! I remember Baylie doing that when I had the big u/s with her and I was so pissed! I had to know! Wink
I ended up having another u/s at 7 months and found out it was a girl. Biggrin

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Sarah wasthe goods coverer over here..hmmmmmmm, i'm seeing a pattern!! Cute lil bugger!!

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I am happy s/he is healthy, but what a stinker. I hope you get to find out otherwise I will be glue to the computer til you give birth. LOL.

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What a stinker! I keep thinking that's what's going to happen to us too. Surprises are good though!