Jax and his Easter Suit

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Jax and his Easter Suit

This was hilarious. All I wanted was to get one decent shot to send my fashionista sister to get her opinion. Obviously the Jacket is going back for a smaller size, need the 3T in that. Everything else is 4T

Me: Jax, please smile for the camera.
Jax: new soot mumma

Me: Jax stop Jumping
Jax: New shoos mumma
Me: Jax stop Jumping
Jax: New soot, new soot, neeeew soooooot
Me: Jax stop jumping
Jax: Go to dot-ter (DR) new soot


Jax: Sowwy Yewwin, Mumma
Me: Sorry for yelling, Jax

Me: Can you stand there and look cute?
Jax: New shoos, go choppin
Me: Just one good picture, ok? Can you say cheese?
Jax: New toes (clothes) go bye bye tar
Me: Just look cute

Jax: awah (all) done pit-ter (picture)
Me: Just one good one
Jax: Go way, mumma
Me: Just one good one
Jax: Go show daddy new soot.

Yep, seriously took 30 minutes to get 6 bad pictures. WTH happened to my camera ham?

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;ROFL:.....your camera ham turned three that's what happend ROFL everything changes at 3 lol

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ditto peg....he turned 3...........but that was hilarious to read........cuz that is how it is taking a pic around her, too......omg........please just one good pic!!!!!!!! that's why i think all my pics now are just jack........he sits still, smiles, and doesnt yell at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh and jax looks soooo handsome in his soot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ROFL! that is awesome and totally how our picture taking goes too. It has to be a spontaneous caught in the act, there is no more posing

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BTW he does look totally adorable! I love the whole outfit!

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LMAO love the whole narriative. what a nut. Yep, that's why I had another, the first one is done with posing for the camera lol

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LOL so funny and so true! yep, gone are the days of easy pics!

notice my siggy? Wink

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Ditto that - everything changes at 3! :eek:

Love the outfit! He's a cutie! Biggrin

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OMG! That is hilarious! The comments are the best!! He looks adorable even if he isn't quite cooperating. Biggrin

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I love the outfit and your conversation with Jaxon is so cute. LOL.

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He looks SO stinking handsome in that suit! One reason I'm so excited to have a boy - to dress him up like a stud just like Jax. Smile

Totally loved the conversations with each picture, too.

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I think you got six very cute pictures, Mama. You can mount them as a sequence, with dialogue as the caption. Adorable.

And I love the "noo soot," too, it is very dapper with those shoes.

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Love it, both the suit and the conversation!!

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oh dammit he's CUTE!!! I want to tousle his hair. I wub him.

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hahahaha cute narrative, even cuter outfit, but cutest boy!!

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Oh that is so funny. Sorry for laughing.

I agree, 3 yrs old is his problem.

Super cute suit, Jax.

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Man, he's dapper!! Those shoes!! What a cutie!

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Love the conversation. Love the "soot". He is sooo darn cute!!

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Awww, he looks adorable in his new soot!

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Hey, at least he let you put the suit on him!!!! That is pretty good for a 3 year old! haha.

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ROFL Hilarious!