Kid tree & photo tip

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Kid tree & photo tip

My mom bought a prelit white tree at Walmart last year along with unbreakable ordamants.. Owen really loved "his tree" and redecorated it everytime he was there.

I decided to get one for the kids this year 14.99 for a 4ft prelit tree.

the photo tip is for those of us with DSLR cameras.. it's hard to get good photos with lights.. at least for me. I found this on Pinterest.
Glowing tree pics

My first attempt was after Owen to bed last night.. and it's our kid tree... the real one is being bought tomorrow. we will have another shoot after it's done.

my first shot.. I like that it darkened the background as it was just a messy corner of the room LOL

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Very cute tree - love that idea and thanks for the photo tip. Will definitely be trying that!

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Awesome, Kelly...TFS!! I will try when I am home and feel up to holding my camera!

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I tried it and it didn't turn out too bad! I think the one in the blog had all white lights so the glow was different, we have coloured lights so it was a warmer, more yellowish glow. I'll try to post some from the computer if I can get on tomorrow Smile