Landon pictures :)

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Landon pictures :)

So while I was in Chicago (more to come on that when I have my computer connector) my talented sister took some pictures of Landon for me Smile

Tried a new select all from PB to save them.. so they are big..

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He's so handsome!! I just love him! Your sis has a real talent, though it must be easier when you have such a great subject to work with. awwww :love1:

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She did a great job, they are sooo cute. He's so handsom

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Awewsome pj.....he's so cute....she did a great job

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I saw them on FB. Love them! Just love his curls!!

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he is just the cutest!!!!!!!!!! your sister did a gorgeous job with the cutest little model!!!!!!!!!! that boy makes us all smile over here!!!!!!! the girls love landon!!!!!!!!

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Awwww, such a handsome sweet little boy, LOVE the pics!! She did a fabulous job with the cutest little model!!!

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Great pics!! Cute kid!! LOVE the hair!!

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I saw them on FB too. And I can't believe how much those curls have grown. Love him!!!!

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Those are awesome! I bet your walls will be plastered with her photographs of his face.

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LOVE him!!!! I can't wait to see the little guy again!!!

P.S. Man, that boy has some canines, doesn't he?

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Aww what great pictures!! Landon is such a handsome little dude! Biggrin

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I just adore his curls!! What a doll! :biglove:

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Your sister rocks! Landon is just as cute as ever - he is so full of personality and joy! LOVE his hair, too. Smile