Last Video I promise lol

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Last Video I promise lol
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that better not be the last Video, I love seeing that kid.

He's sooo cute, but I had to turn down my volume for that trumpet LOL does he play it often?

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OMG that was so freakin' funny! Bella is so silly, lol!!! Landon is suuuuch a cute boy I swear! And let me tell you, Colby has a saxophone that he just loooooves playing, it doesn't get the dogs howling here, they just scramble to get the hell out of the house, lol!!!

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that was adorable.......lucy said "is he like abby, cuz she likes to make music, too" abby love the stinkin musically cute.......and then momma i want to dance........god i love him!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL>........please don't let this be the last video!!!!!!!!!!LOL!!!!!!!!!

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What a stinking adorable duet. They should go on tour together. I just love that boy.