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Leap pad

For those of you that got leap pads for Xmas- are the kiddos still playing with them? Regularly? What's their favorite thing about it?

How much does it cost you on apps and buying new software?

Does anytbody have anything else? Miles was playing with a v-tech version today at Target. He liked it because he said it looks more like an iPad, lol.

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YES...my kids still use it all the time.....it had died down a little and then i figured out that alyssa had already 'finished' mr pencil her favorite game so it picked back up again when i told her to play under guest and it would start over LOL.......the easter bunny brought them each a new game (bogo 1/2 off at tru...i mean where ever the easter bunny comes from) .....tyler played his almost all day on the day of alyssa's party.....he kept showing it off to everyone there....lol

i haven't gotten them any apps since xmas but i probably will when we go on vaca.....alyssa actually LOVES the monster band video on there so i might get a couple of videos they can watch when we go away

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C doesn't have the Leap pad - he has the Leap Frog Explorer he got for Christmas 2 years ago. He plays with that a lot and has since he got it. He plays the game cartridges the most. Right now he's into playing the Cars 2 game but he has the Toy Story game, "Get Puzzled, and Mr. Pencil Saves Doodleburg".

We have a few of the Leap Frog videos on there too - he watched those when we go to the Dr. office or somewhere we have to wait.

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Mr Pencil is a huge hit
Stretchy monkey
He mastered both Jewel train 1 & 2 but does play them still
Pet pals.. he feeds and bathes his pet cat daily
Cars 2 game is fun

apps range 5-10 bucks each.. "story books" are 20 we don't have any of those

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Josh doesnt really play with his anymore, but Sofia plays with it daily. She loves pet pals. I am thinking of getting on of the interactive stories for her.

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Gwendolyn still loves hers. She likes to take care of her pet, watch the Dora video she has on there, and "read" her Little Mermaid story. Her all time favorite thing to do with it is take pictures and videos though.

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We're thinking of getting one for each kiddo as a gift from the baby. OK, really a gift for mommy so I can have some peace while nursing a newborn during the heat, but whatever! lol Sounds like it'll be a winner!