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Lunch ideas

I'm in a total lunch rut. Any good suggestions?

I pick Miles up at 11:45 so quick is good. We've been stopping for take out way more than I'm comfortable with since he started school a week ago!

I know that colleen posted some in the bbb thread, but looking for more!

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We are really boring here and not totally healthy!

Most of the time it is pb&j or ham and cheese sandwiches with banana/apple/grapes - or some combo of that.

They also can always have applesauce, string cheese or yogurt, and sometimes one of them wants a waffle (eggo).

Occasionally leftovers or if I feel like they haven't been eating much lately I'll fix a box of mac and cheese because the feel like it is a treat and eat it up.

Ella LOVES chef boyardee ABCs and meatballs. If Cadence and I are eating rice then I give Ella that.

MIL makes homemade chex mix for us that Ella can eat (corn chex/wheat chex/cheerios and cheeze-its)...they both really like that with their sandwiches.

I've tried carrot sticks with ranch dressing, but they never eat the carrots...just the ranch. Smile

But recently they have been getting a happy meal from somewhere at least once a week with all the different caregivers. They share one for now.

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We're not very exciting here either. Things he eats for lunch are chicken nuggets, fish sticks, mac and cheese, pb sandwich, always a fruit, usually a veggie like peas or green beans, pizza, toy story or cars chicken noodle soup, grilled cheese, hot dog, cheeseburger. Some days I do just a 'buffet' of little but healthy things like cheese, craisins, yogurt, peanuts, blueberries, cheese and crackers. He loves it and it fills him up and it's something different.

He won't eat any of the following or I'd throw them in there too; ravioli, spaghetti-os type stuff, turkey/ham sandwich.

Check out pinterest...there are some good and fun ideas on there.

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Some of the things Jayden eats for lunch are: fruit (any kind of fruit), string cheese, or cheddar cheese, pb&j or pb&honey sandwiches, tortillas (likes them plain), sometimes just some lunch meat...turkey, or salami, mini bagels with cream cheese, all beef/natural hot dogs, mac & cheese. Oh and he loves shrimp too, that's what he had for lunch yesterday (shrimp cocktail).

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Alicia and DJ LOVE canned pasta, that's usually what MIL gives them if she has them, along with fruit and/or veggies. They both love baked beans, so they get those sometimes too. I like "salad" plates, cut up lunch meat, raisins, olives, crackers and sliced tomatoes. They really like mac and cheese, so they have that too. I don't worry too much about lunch...they will pretty much eat whatever I put in front of them Smile Their go to veggies is broccoli...they love to dip it in everything, but especially ketchup (yuck!). They are also really into hard boiled eggs right now, I put one of those on a salad plate (whole) and they love munching on that.


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It's pretty much always some sort of combo of the following items, since we are similar to you in that we get home from school around 12:20.

PB graham crackers
wheat thins
wheat waffle
PB and honey sandwich
ham sandwich
always a fruit
canned ravioli
PB on a bagel
carrot slices
green pepper slices
raw green beans
And that's about it, I'm not creative at all with lunch, it's really just the same few choices above, just rotated as far as the combo goes. Oh, and seriously every day since school started he's asked to go to the Chicken Nugget Store. :rolleyes:

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LOL Julie! JH asks for Dongles (McDonalds) every school day too! I've decided to limit that to once a week if I can help it. JH likes hummus ; calls it dip. He eats waaay too much lunchmeat...and a new one I discovered: the veggie pasta with tomato juice poured over and topped with some cheese. I buy a 6-pack of little tomato juices and they are perfect for both boys to have lunch.

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Lunch is usually either pb&j, chicken nuggets, hotdogs or tortillas with cheese melted in them.

And with that is any combo of the following:
crackers (usually goldfish or graham)
fruit (I buy whatever is in season so lots of melon and berries lately)
veggie (though not very often)
cinnamon applesauce

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Oh, one more thing...

Sometimes I pull everything out of the fridge that is open/leftovers/about to expire. Put it all out on the table and tell the kids to go at it. They love it. And some of the combos they come up with are pretty interesting. lol

We do this about once a month for dinner, but it'd be a good lunch time thing too.

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We're like everyone else, lots of mac and cheese, pb&j and chicken nuggets around here too, but I have gotten pretty good about making the chicken nuggets myself ahead of time and they heat up pretty well in the microwave for just a few seconds. Also, pizza made on a tortilla is a new fave around here, just some jar sauce and mozz on top of the tortilla and bake for a few minutes. Another quick one is if I am making pasta for dinner I make extra and then for lunch I'll pop it in the microwave with a bit of butter and shredded parm.
They also always have a fruit of some kind, I try to do a veggie too, but neither are thrilled about it, I keep trying though.

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We do any combo of the following:

Cottage Cheese (her favorite)
Cut up lunch meat
Avacado chunks
raw veggies/dip (she loves red pepper slices)
Grilled cheese and tomato
soup (homemade usually, they don't like the canned stuff)

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our lunch list look similar to the others posted.. .

Cream cheese and jelly sandwiches
Quesadillas (sneak in a thin layer of refried bean, or a lunch meat)
Hot dogs and baked beans
Pasta salad

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we're pretty boring here, soup, alphaghetti, PB&J..

I tried the Pillsbury Crescent rolls made with Ham and cheese in them, thinking Aidan would love them, but he wouldn't touch it and I ended up eating 6, not gonna do that again.